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Ignacy has cerebral palsy (CP). Let’s make him walk!



  Cerebral palsy



Ignacy is a 5-year-old boy who loves trains and wants to become a train driver when he grows up. He was born prematurely, in the 29th week of pregnancy. During the perinatal period, he suffered a cerebral hemorrhage, and a subsequent diagnosis revealed that he had cerebral palsy (CP) and sensory integration disorders. Thanks to the rehabilitation, Ignacy has straight feet and a spine but can only move using a walker. The boy believes that he will run on his own with his peers in the future. However, to make this possible, he needs, among other things, more frequent exercises using an electric treadmill. This physiotherapy strengthens the muscles and lungs, improves mobility and balance, and strengthens the gait pattern.


The ProForm Trainer 12.0 electric treadmill is the perfect solution for Ignacy. The speed adjustment range starts from zero, which allows the boy to start training safely. Currently, Ignacy visits the rehabilitation center once a week and uses a treadmill there. Effects? The boy can endure up to 10 minutes of training, which was previously impossible. Specialists recommend increasing the frequency of such exercises. If Ignacy could exercise daily at home, his chances of walking unaided would increase significantly.

Let’s help Ignaś achieve his dream of running independently!

How can you help?

Make a donation to the Kanga Foundation in the cryptocurrency of your choice.

Once the donation goal is reached,
the Kanga Foundation exchanges
the funds into PLN°.

The Kanga Foundation team buys
the necessary equipment and delivers it
to those in need.

Help us make dreams come true!

Material possessions may not bring happiness – but they can certainly help improve quality of life. The right orthopedic or rehabilitation equipment, hearing and communication aids, and other assistive technologies allow people with disabilities to live more comfortably!

Goals and activities

The primary goal of the foundation’s activities is to provide everyday-need equipment to children with disabilities.

We organize donation drives to purchase equipment that will bring more smiles into their lives.

We aim to meet the needs that cannot be fulfilled by the National Health Fund or other state organizations.

Do you need help?


  • you are a parent or a guardian of a child under the age of 18,
  • your child has a disability and needs special equipment (e.g. a wheelchair, prosthesis, FM system),
  • you are unable to meet these needs on your own or with the support of the National Health Fund or other institutions,

get in touch with us!

Write us an e-mail telling us your story – what happened, what you need, and how it will change your life. Send your message to [email protected].


What cryptocurrencies can I pay with?

You can use any cryptocurrency that can be exchanged for the stablecoin oPLN (a stablecoin pegged to the Polish złoty, PLN) on trade.kanga.exchange. A list of available cryptocurrencies will be displayed during the payment process.

Do I need to be a Kanga customer to donate to the foundation?

If you would like to make a donation to a specific fundraising, create an account at trade.kanga.exchange and fund your wallet. The donation will be deducted from your wallet.

To support the foundation’s operations in general, consider making a bank transfer directly to the foundation’s account.

How can I donate to the current fundraising campaign?

After clicking the “donate” button and selecting a donation value, generate a Kanga Pay code. You can generate the code either by clicking on the “Kanga Pay” menu after logging into the trade.kanga.exchange or in the Kanga Wallet mobile app.

What if you don’t raise enough money to buy the equipment?

Our fundraising campaigns are not time-limited, so we do not anticipate this scenario. However, if for some reason the fundraising is stopped – we will inform you about it and choose the best solution.

What guarantee do I have that you will buy equipment for someone with my cryptocurrencies?

When you click the ‘donate’ button beneath the fundraising progress bar, we are committed to using your donation specifically for the intended fundraising purpose. If, on the other hand, you support the foundation by other means – the funds can also be used for such expenses as marketing the collection/foundation or travel to the wards to hand over the purchased equipment. This also applies to any excess funds you contribute (i.e., donations exceeding the target amount needed to conclude the fundraising).

What is the minimum donation amount?

You can donate to the foundation’s statutory purposes by transferring even 1 penny to our bank account! For supporting a specific fundraising, the minimum donation is set at a value equivalent to 1 PLN in cryptocurrencies. Of course, we encourage higher donations 🙂

Do I incur any additional fees as a donor?

A 1.5% fee of the transaction amount is automatically applied to donations made via Kanga Pay. This fee is associated with the service provider’s operations and does not constitute income for the Foundation. When donating through a traditional bank transfer – the price list of the bank where you have an account applies.

What equipment can I apply to you as a person in need?

You can apply for a wheelchair, prosthesis, orthopedic seat, hearing aid, FM system, and rehabilitation support items. Our equipment catalog is flexible; if you need something not listed, please let us know!

How can you support the foundation?

1) by bank transfer to the Kanga Foundation account:

63 1140 2004 0000 3802 8409 4571 (mbank).

2) transfer via blockchain:

a) BTC:
* segwit – bc1q78ca8gcrajpastm86dpj626szxjlskevd6dugy
* legacy – 1P4HYeRbPyJFgL9H7u6r8AMy6d4MjsYrVt

* ETH – 0x2c908a600bb71e68a7f045cebec2187a7e59a094
* BSC – 0x2c908a600bb71e68a7f045cebec2187a7e59a094
* POLYGON – 0x2c908a600bb71e68a7f045cebec2187a7e59a094
* ARBITRUM – 0x2c908a600bb71e68a7f045cebec2187a7e59a094

* ETH – 0x2c908a600bb71e68a7f045cebec2187a7e59a09