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In which countries you cannot use our services?

According to §1. paragraph 2f of Terms and Conditions you should not use a verified account on kanga.exchange if you are currently located in the USA or Canada, if you are a resident of the USA or Canada or if you are acting on behalf of a business entity located in the USA or Canada

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Deposit Assets to Kanga Exchange

How to deposit cryptocurrencies on Kanga Exchange? To deposit cryptocurrency to your Kanga Exchange wallet follow the steps below: Log into your account and open the Wallet Deposit tab. 2. From the dropdown list select the cryptocurrency you wish to deposit.By default the list includes only the cryptocurrencies which are already in trade. Select the

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How to order Kanga card?

Have you already read our post about the great possibilities of having a Kanga card? If not, do not worry, you can still check it out! But how to become the owner and consequently, the user of Kanga card? We will answer this question here and now! You can have it after joining Kanga Club.

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Kanga Liquidity oEUR Staking

What is oEUR staking? The Staking Kanga Liquidity oEUR mechanism allows users to deposit oEUR tokens to a dedicated staking account and participate in the daily distribution of rewards. How much is the oEUR staking reward? Rewards are paid out in oEUR tokens. Reward amount varies depending on a number of factors. The most important

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What is PEP?

PEP - Politically Exposed Person - means, excluding groups of middle and lower-level positions, persons holding significant public positions or performing significant public functions and persons who have ceased to hold a significant public position or significant public function within the last 12 months. Who is PEP? a) heads of state, heads of government, ministers,

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Launchpad guaranteed allocations with an auto-buy feature

Kanga Exchange offers the Auto-Buy feature as a service to all who stake their KNG tokens. This option is available as a special round during most of the token sale events on our launchpad.  To secure a guaranteed purchase during IEO on Kanga Exchange, you can pick the desired allocation and place a bid for

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KNG Staking

What is KNG staking? The Staking mechanism enables KNG token holders to share in the profits from transaction fees charged on the Kanga Exchange platform. Every holder can deposit KNG tokens to a dedicated Staking Pool account and receive rewards in proportion to the staked amount. The Staking rewards are calculated and distributed daily at

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Recurring orders

Recurring orders allow you to place repeat orders to buy or sell cryptocurrency. Orders are executed at the best price available on the market, considering the limit set by the user. How to place a recurring order? To place a standing order, enter the market we are interested in, e.g., KNG / oPLN.Below the market

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Additional “selfie” verification

Additional verification during KYC on the Kanga Exchange is an additional verification by means of a so-called selfie photo, i.e. showing the face of the person performing the verification holding the document presented during the basic KYC - ID or passport - and a piece of paper with a four-digit code written on it. Kanga

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Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Two-factor authentication allows you to increase the security of your Kanga Exchange account by requiring a time-based one-time code to be entered at login. The code is generated in an authentication app running on your mobile device. Activate Two-Factor Authentication To activate two-factor authentication on your Kanga Exchange account, follow these steps: 1. Log in

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Account Verification

What is KYC Account Verification? Account verification (a KYC check) is necessary for:What is KYC Account Verification? cryptocurrency withdrawals in excess of 2 BTC or 30 ETH, fiat depostis and withdrawals by bank transfer (for any amount), purchase of PLN°, EUR°, and USD° stablecoins via GoCash, token trading on some markets (in rare cases, only

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Interface Overview

Do you know how to navigate the trading interface? Find a solution what you will find on the stock page in displaying transactions. Elements of the Kanga Exchange transactional interface 1. Info/menu barShow the currently selected currency pair, wallet balances for the base and quote currency, and links to other areas of the site. 2.

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Address book

What is an address book? The address book is meant for storing blockchain addresses. Here you can save the addresses you use frequently. Thanks to that when you wish to withdraw funds you will not have to enter the address manually, during which you run the risk of making a mistake. You can save many

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Dust Sweep

Dust Sweep is a functionality on Kanga Exchange that allows for exchanging the small rests in your wallet into KNG tokens. The name DUST SWEEP was created by combining two words which mean:-dust - in the crypto nomenclature we refer to this as to low address balances that are below the fee cost; it is

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SWAP - a quick exchange

SWAP is a quick exchange of one cryptocurrency into another A necessary condition to making a quick exchange is to have both cryptocurrencies listed on Kanga exchange. There is no need for both currencies you wish to exchange to be directly tradable. The system will carry all necessary indirect exchanges in the background, choosing the

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Sell Assets

To sell currency or tokens, follow these steps Log in to your account. Select the general market type (ETH, BTC, stablecoins, etc.), then the specific market you want to trade on. In the Sell box, enter the sale price and amount. You can match an existing Buy (bid) order or create a new Sell (ask)

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Buy Assets

To buy currency or tokens, follow these steps 1. Log in to your account. 2. Select the general market type (ETH, BTC, stablecoins, etc.), then the specific market you want to trade on. 3. In the Buy box, enter the purchase price and amount. You can match an existing Sell (ask) order or create a

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What is an internal transfer?

What is an internal transfer on the Kanga Exchange cryptocurrency exchange? An internal transfer is a special type of withdrawal. On Kanga exchange you can transfer your funds to another user just by giving the e-mail address to their account. Moreover, you can make such a transfer even to a person who does not have

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Withdraw Assets from Kanga Exchange

How to withdraw cryptocurrencies on Kanga Exchange? To withdraw cryptocurrencies from your Kanga Exchange Wallet follow the steps below: Go to Wallet Withdrawal tab and from the dropdown list select the cryptocurrency which you wish to withdraw,ORGo to your Wallet Balances tab and click the Withdraw button next to the proper cryptocurrency. 2. The available

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How to buy and sell crypto with a VOUCHER or BLIK?

Did you know that on Kanga Exchange you can not only make transactions on the exchange or in exchange points, but also at the ATM? Both at the one on your street and at almost every other ATM in Poland! Condition? Only one - the ATM must support transactions with BLIK codes. This is a