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You will find the most frequently asked questions about Kanga Pay here. If any question has been omitted, please ask us. Click on the button below and complete the form and someone will call you.

Do I need to sign a contract to use Kanga Pay?
No. Activation of Kanga Pay takes place after accepting the Terms of Use of the service and is possible for every verified account (KYC and KYB procedure). Account verification and service activation are processed on
In what currencies is Kanga Pay available?
Within Kanga Pay, payment with all major cryptocurrencies and stablecoins (Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, USDC, etc.) is possible. If you want to settle your payments in your token, please contact us!
What if the customer pays with Bitcoin, but I prefer to get PLN?
There you go, with Kanga Pay it is possible! At the end of the day, that's the point: your customers pay with cryptocurrency and you still get PLN (or any other currency you choose).
Okay, but what other traditional currencies besides the PLN does your gateway support?
Euro, Dollar and Pound.
What if I wanted to settle in cryptocurrencies instead of traditional currencies?
You can also do this as well and settle in Bitcoin, for example.
My accountant is going to kill me…
Leave it to us ;) Our system generates the necessary reports required to complete all those tiresome declarations. In addition, we have prepared a simple guide for accountants that explains everything clearly. And if your accountant needs a consultation, let us know, and we can sort it out too.
What do I need to do to set up the payment gateway on my platform?
Just contact us. Fill out a simple form and we'll do our best to make the implementation easy and fun. And if you don't like filling out forms (we get it!), email us with your application at: [email protected].
How do I launch Kanga Pay on my website?
W celu uruchomienia płaTo enable Kanga Pay payments on your website, you can:
- use the KangaPay API available for any website;
- use a ready-made plug-in for WooCommerce;
- use a ready-made plug-in for PrestaShop.
Is integration difficult? On which platforms does Kanga Pay work?
Where there's a will, there's a way 😉 And at Kanga, we really want you to join the community that sees cryptocurrencies as something more than just speculations. At the moment, Kanga Pay is available for all popular sales platforms. And if your shop is based on a proprietary solution, then know that this is something we like best. Reach out to us and we'll help you with the integration.
I don't have a website, can I use KangaPay payments?
Yes! Kanga Pay is not just a payment gateway, it is also a terminal that allows you to accept payments made with crypto through the Kanga Terminal app. You can download the Kanga Terminal app from the Google Play Store.
How do I launch Kanga Pay for stationery business?
You will launch Kanga Pay payments for your stationery business in three simple steps:
1. Verify your business account on (KYB - Know Your Business procedure);
2. Send a request to set up a KangaPay shop from your account on
3. Install the KangaTerminal application and then link it to your account on (Wallet tab - KangaPay Terminal)
How much does it cost to set up Kanga Pay?
Launching Kanga Pay is completely free, whether you use the Kanga Pay plug-ins or the Kanga Terminal app.
How much does it cost to accept payments using Kanga Pay?
Each payment that goes through Kanga Pay is increased by a 1.5% network fee.
Is it legal?
TYes, our Kanga Pay payment gateway is completely legal. If you have any doubts, we will send you the relevant tax and legal opinions. Send us a message at [email protected]
How will I receive my money?
After each completed transaction the funds are visible on your technical account on You can freely withdraw these funds: to your bank account, to your ZEN card as well as in cash in Kanga stationary points.
If the buyer returns the product, will the network fee also be refunded to me?
No. The network charge is a cost of transmission of funds and as such is not refundable.
What is the process for withdrawing funds from the wallet?
The funds you receive from your Kanga Pay customers are collected in your wallet on To withdraw them, log in to your account and, under the WALLET tab, select the WITHDRAWAL position, and make a withdrawal to your bank account or ZEN card. You can also withdraw your funds in cash at Kanga Kantor or Kanga Locals. You can check the list of Kanga Kantor and Kanga Locals points at
Well, I'm almost convinced. What benefit will I get from the fact that people will be able to pay for my services with cryptocurrency?
We can see at least a billion benefits, so let us point to the first one that came to our mind. By allowing your services and products to be paid for with cryptocurrencies, you are reaching a huge audience of new technology enthusiasts. Know that there's a whole army of us, and we're just getting started!