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We’re closer to nature, that’s quite a big news that Kanga is now supporting Kangaroos!

We adopted kangaroos from the Oliwa Zoo in Gdańsk. This is what has inspired us to create the ”KangaRoo” campaign, thanks to which we are supporting the feeding of the animals under our care. Visit the red kangaroos in the Gdańsk Zoo and and help with us!

Have you found the Kanga sign by their paddock yet?

Did you know that kangaroos…

  • are vegetarians, eat mainly grass and leaves?
  • are the only animals in the world that move around by jumping?
  • in the wild, they live about 6 – 8 years, but this time is almost twice as long when they live in a zoo?
  • they are unable to move backwards, and they use tail as ‘third leg’?
  • can swim?

Meet our kangaroos

Kanga and Cash

Kangaroos jump forward with cryptocurrencies

So what do kangaroos and cryptocurrencies have in common?
Both kangaroos and cryptocurrencies:

Are strong – blockchain is designed to operate even without the Internet, just like kangaroos living on only one continent are not in danger of extinction

Want freedom, but this possibility is restricted or taken away both from cryptocurrency companies and kangaroos slaughtered in Australia

Can hit big jumps and high speeds – kangaroos can reach speeds of up to 60 km/h, covering a distance of about 8 meters, cryptocurrency prices can jump as high and fast

Kangaroos show the way
to financial future
with cryptocurrencies

If you want to learn more about cryptocurrencies, check out Kanga University!