Do you know that you could be involved in money laundering and the financing of terrorism without even knowing about it?

Get out!

This could very well be your first reaction.

I’m out!

It is also the name of a campaign with a few important messages behind it.

Do not get involved in laundering cryptocurrencies!

Counteract money laundering and the financing of terrorism! Counteract other forms of fraud (phishing, vishing, pseudo-free cryptocurrencies, and the like)

Buy cryptocurrencies only in verified sources!

You may be thinking: 

How can I be part of money laundering and the financing of terrorism without knowing about it? 

It is simple:

A SCAMmer pulls you into a  fraud.

Thinking you are in for a lucrative investment you lose your money.

The SCAMMer launders the money  so that it could be used freely, because it was obtained through criminal activity.

The dirty money is further used in other, quite often illegal, activities, such as the financing of terrorism.

See a video which illustrates the process:

Why is it so important to be aware of how SCAMmers work?

The most important thing here is that you can lose your hard-earned money.

This, however, is only the tip of the iceberg.

The “laundered” money:
– enhances corruption
– supports terrorist activities
– reinforces the drug business
– supports gambling
…and much more.

So remember:
First educate, then invest!

Are cryptocurrencies used to launder money?
It is cash that is the top resource used in the process of money laundering. Using cryptocurrencies for such activities is not the best choice!

Not everyone realizes that cryptocurrencies are not anonymous and the transactions recorded in the blockchain are completely transparent.


Bitcoin, unlike cash, is not anonymous!

Here in Kanga Exchange we believe that education in this matter can change your cryptocurrency adventure into an attractive and pleasant journey and not a winding, bumpy road full of dangers lurking around the corner.

So just like us, opt for educating yourself. Watch the videos and invest cautiously!