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Percent Whisky IEO on Kanga Exchange

Percent Whisky IEO on Kanga Exchange

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Percent Whisky as a big step for luxury goods

The world of luxury goods has been closed to blockchain-related solutions for a long time. The Percent project aims to provide users with opportunities to invest in alcohol that are unavailable to most customers on a daily basis.

Why Blockchain?

The main mission of the PERCENT project is to enable all users passionate about luxury goods to access them using new solutions such as blockchain and web3.

Thanks to the use of blockchain, project will be able to conclude contracts with people, companies and institutions, where the token is a confirmation of the conclusion of such an agreement between two parties. This form is much cheaper and faster, and additionally gives the possibility to automate many processes.

Many luxury goods, including alcohol, in recent years show that they have a very large investment potential, and their value can increase significantly. However, there is a big problem, because collectors without a liquor license are not able to freely sell their bottles.

As we have already noted, many bottles increase in value, and their owners are not able to sell them, because they risk fines and property seizure. This is how the idea for the PERCENT project was born. The creators want to give everyone the opportunity to enter this unique world, without having to meet the legal requirements that are an inherent part of the trade in alcohol.

Goals set by PERCENT

The main goal of the creators is to educate the public about spirits, mainly whiskey, in the field of:

  • production
  • storage
  • tasting techniques
  • tools used

Creating a public portal where users will find articles, interviews and studies written by industry professionals who have been dealing with the subject of luxury goods for years. A forum will also be created where lovers of luxury articles will be able to exchange views and talk about the latest trends.

Creation of a Discord channel for the exchange of information on the luxury goods market and the development of the international community, for which Discord is an ideal tool, showing constant increases in the number of users for several years.

PERCENTWALLET® digital quarterly devoted to luxury goods, including whiskey, art, blockchain technology and the latest trends. The quarterly will be available to all people registered on the portals:




and all those with PWT tokens.

Upcoming products

The funds that the project will receive from the sale of tokens will be spent on current activities, further development of the project and new products, which you will learn about by following the creators entries.

The main product of the project is a whisky warehouse, which will collect, among others, luxury whisky, for example carefully selected Single Malt bottles, which are one of the spirits most eagerly collected by amateurs.

The following will go to this warehouse / vault:

  • Bottles which will maintain moderate potential
  • Whiskey with high growth potential
  • White crows

However, Percent will not stop at the creation of tokens, it also plans to expand its activities to the NFT market, which has grown in popularity over the last year, as part of which the following will be created:

  • Marketplace
  • Gallery
  • NFT Store

Thanks to these portals, PWT token holders will be able to trade NFT tokens related to the products of Percent.

Additional bonuses for PWT holders

Great information for everyone waiting for PWT tokens will be the news that the project will be based on the Proof-of-Stake (POS) system, which will work in the following way:

  • 5% of the collected funds will be divided into 12 parts
  • Once a month, PWT tokens will be purchased on a random day
  • All tokens bought will be split among the stakers

PoS will be launched 14 days after the start of the market. What’s more, the project will have a deflationary system thanks to the Token Burn system.

For each sale of an item (bottle) from the warehouse:

80% of the revenue (minus the value of the goods purchased) from stock sales will be used to buy back PWT from the secondary market. 

70% will be distributed proportionally among those who froze their tokens on Proof-of-Stake (PoS) accounts. 

10% of the bought-back tokens will be burnt, reducing the supply and thus increasing the value of every single remaining token.

Special events and services will be organized for PWT token holders to be closer to their community. Additionally, they will be able to advertise their products and services on project portals in exchange for tokens. The token will also entitle you to discounts on products and services offered by Percent.


Hardcap: [$]: $4,000,000

Softcap: [$]: $1.000.000

Token price: [$]: $1

Min. Investment: 25 tokens

Max. Investment: None


Currency pair: PWT/USDT

Available cryptocurrencies: USDT, USDC, oPLN, oUSD, oEUR

IEO date: August 31, 2022 at 11:00 AM UTC

End of IEO: 09/28/2022

Project: https://www.percentwhisky.com/

Token Type: Binance Smart Chain, BSC

Asks: 29/09/2022 

Bids: 30/09/2022

Withdrawals: 03/10/2022