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Spume Protocol flash sale on Kanga Exchange

Spume Protocol flash sale on Kanga Exchange

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Spume Protocol as universal access to NFT

Spume Protocol is the end-to-end transaction layer of the Ethereum network that simplifies the payment infrastructure for NFT. Spume will enable anyone to create branded and personal NFT-related portals and provide them with blockchain payments. These mayinclude, but won’t be limited to: art, real estate, intellectual property, licenses, patents and luxury goods. Thanks to this, the project can operate in many industries and will allow their users to carry out transactions in the NFT space.

Benefits of Music and Real Estate Tokenization

The main purpose of introducing ownership on the blockchain is to minimize middlemen and lower the costs.

In the process of buying real estate, we will encounter many brokers including escrow services and banks that charge fees, namely high mortgage interest and deposit fees. By tokenizing real estate and using smart contracts, you can completely automate the credit system. This will lead to much lower interest rates.

In the case of intellectual property, musicians will be able to tokenize their work and have complete control over licensing fees, effectively bypassing labels.

While the idea of ​​intellectual property and real estate may seem like distant industries, they are closely related in that centralized intermediaries largely control them. Spume will usher in an era of full control over physical and digital assets.

Here is a list of what dApps Spume can do:

  • Simple and accessible tokenization and real estate trading
  • Tokenization of digital products and a simple format for their licensing
  • Create a DAO and share profits with the community without taxing

The problems facing the NFT industry that Spume is fighting with

  • Inability to scale NFT distribution channels
    The NFT branding aspect ends with distribution channels. Currently, it is not possible to distribute NFT from a given brand on a large scale. Companies must either use colossal means for custom NFT distribution or settle for branding they can get from the “About the Project” section on platforms such as OpenSea.
  • Inefficient asset monetization on blockchain 
    There is currently very little infrastructure for non-blockchain assets. This makes tokenization of alternative assets such as works of art, real estate, intellectual property, luxury goods, etc. challenging and sometimes almost impossible.

Who is Spume looking to reach?

Thanks to the broad activity of the project and many industries it reaches, Spume has the ability to attract many consumers of various demographic groups, e.g .:

  • Creators – this includes, among others: artists, musicians, celebrities, politicians and athletes. These will mainly be people and entities that make up the NFT.
  • Investors – Art collectors, NFT holders, cryptocurrency users, corporations and investment firms. These are the individuals and entities that will benefit from trading on the NFT, whether they are buying from creators or buying and selling on the secondary market.
  • Holders – These are people who see the benefits of having their coins in the exchange system and decide to support the project financially. They will also decide to update the platform by voting on the DAO platform.
  • Users – Individuals wishing to avoid unnecessary middlemen who charge extra fees while maintaining the same or higher efficiency.

Spume is built to reach users from all areas related to cryptocurrency.

A cross-section of the Spume platform

Spume will be a marketplace for tokenization and trading for NFT, artwork, real estate, and more. Importantly, Spume will become fully managed and controlled by the community.

By the end of 2022, the goal of the project is to create a DAO, thanks to which the community will decide on all future development plans for Spume.

NFT Artwork platform

  • Mint and NFT trading.

Real Estate Platform

  • Real Estate Tokenization.
  • Possibility to buy and sell tokenized real estate.

Licensing Platform

  • Music, Image and Software Tokenization.
  • Creation of purchasable licenses with the option of charging for their use.

Ticket Platform

  • In cooperation with NoveIT, the project will create white label solutions for ticketed events. This eliminates the possibility of fraud and ticket price changes at events.

The real estate market is highly institutionalized and has enormous inflation, bigger than ever. An industry so centralized and unfocused on the customer was a natural choice for Spume for its flagship service.

Features that you will find on the platform soon

The design will offer many intuitive features not seen before in this sector. The first of its kind truly decentralized NFT market.

Testnet (NFT Music Studio)

  • Pricing system that will equip the banking complex with tools for securing NFT. This can be achieved by working with data scientists to create a seamless valuation process.
  • The use of multiple blockchains and bridge functionality. It is industry standard to favor and use only one blockchain. With the ability to exchange multiple coins, users will be able to use whichever chain is most convenient for them.

NoveIT ticketing

  • NoveIT is a decentralized peer-to-peer marketplace with fully variable ticket labels that has been built entirely on blockchain. This eliminates the possibility of fraud and of course increases the efficiency and income for event organizers.

$SPUME Token

The token can be found on the ERC20 network, the supply will be 100 million tokens, which will greatly facilitate the interpretation or calculation of capitalization by the community.

Every person who has Spume tokens is a shareholder of the DAO platform. The creators decided on an unusual, but very interesting solution, instead of putting their tokens on the classic vesting, they allocated them for a blockade in the contract, which is staked on their own platform for two years. The creators will receive fees from the marketplace, but their tokens will be blocked during this time. In this way, they will have a source of funding while the work on the DAO is ongoing.


Supply: 100,000,000 SPUME

Minimum Investment: $50

Maximum Investment: $1,000

Token price: $0.4

Vesting: 20% will be released on TGE, the rest will be released over 6 weeks.

Currency pair: SPUME/USDC

Cryptocurrencies available: USDC, USDT

Flashsale Date: August 26, 2022, 1:00 PM CEST

End of Flashsale: 8/26/2022, 2:00 PM CEST

Token type: ERC-20

Author: Piotr Szopa