New listing on Kanga Exchange: Everdome

Project: Everdome

Everdome aims to create the most hyper-realistic metaverse that will bring brands and people together – all with the intent of building the most realistic web3 experience. Through the creation and facilitation of NFTs, land sales, marketplaces, and the highest quality avatars on the market, Everdome will define life in the virtual world, providing a place for brands and individuals to interact in the highest possible quality. The metaverse is here to stay, given the success and use case of Metahero’s and WDW’s scanning technology and avatar creation – Everdome will provide a place for people and businesses that want realistic web3 experiences.Given the launch style of the project, Everdome plans to rollout their project in 3 unique phases through 2022, all tied to very real-life experiences. Being aware of how big the vision is, particular phases will deliver an increasing amount of content to users (quality over quantity).

People will already be able to enter a part of the environment as early as March 2022, in-game (developed) footage has already been released:

Listing details:

Listing pairs: DOME/USDT i DOME/oPLN

Asks: 9.02.2022, 11:00 AM UTC

Bids: 9.02.2033, 1:00 PM UTC

Withdrawal date: 11.02.2022, 11:00 AM UTC


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