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How to become a Kanga Local or an ambassador?

How to become a Kanga Local or an ambassador?

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If you follow us on social media, you may have noticed information about the new users of the Kanga Local service gradually appearing in different cities. We have recently presented details about this service in a separate blog post, to which you can return at any time, if necessary → https://kanga.exchange/kanga-local-vs-kanga-exchange-point/ 

How to become Kanga Local?

Today, however, we will tell you how you can become our new Kanga Local! Let’s start with the fact that there are two necessary conditions for this to be met:

First of all, you must be a natural person. This requirement is usually not difficult for anyone 😉

Another necessary condition is your willingness to buy and sell cryptocurrencies for cash in agreement with another natural person.

Okay, I meet both of these conditions, what next?

If you don’t have an account on Kanga yet, it will be necessary to create one and then carry out KYC verification. When this point is checked, all you have to do is send us your application form, which you can find at https://kangakantor.pl/en/#/. It is used to submit an application to both Kanga Local and Kanga Kantor. You can also apply by phone – telephone number is provided next to the form → +48 58 573 33 37

In response to your application, we will send you the conditions for joining the service and – for your information – the content of the terms and conditions, concerning your access to the transaction panel. Then we will ask you to provide some additional data, on the basis of which we will create an account for you in the aforementioned transaction panel. The first time you log in, you will have to accept the terms and conditions – and that’s all the steps to join the Kanga Local service!

Think about the specific time (hours and days) when you will be available for people who would trade with you in the future. This information, as well as your telephone number and the city in which you prefer to trade with users, will be made public in order to allow others to contact you. 

Being our Kanga Local, you will be supported by professional online training regarding our OTC system. You will learn how to top up the account and how to buy and sell cryptocurrencies for the other party. You will also receive a package of Kanga’s gadgets and information materials from us – for a good start 😉

You are welcome to join us! Perhaps one day you will see a post on our social media about a new Kanga Local user – you!

There is also a cooperation option in which you become our ambassador.

Who actually is an ambassador?

It is a person who supports us in contact with other people who want to become Kanga Locals or open a physical exchange point. The ambassador guides them through the entire implementation process (apart from training and setting up an account), gives them answers to possible questions, and obtains the necessary data from them and then passes it on to us. 

In return, he gets a 10% of Kanga’s 1% commission on every transaction of his referred Kanga Local users and exchange points, for life. These funds are transferred automatically to his Kanga Exchange account.

If you want to become an ambassador, you can send us your application to the following e-mail address: [email protected]

Now you know how to become a Kanga Local and how to become somebody who will help others to become Kanga Local 😉 We all support each other and we reap the benefits of it!