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Affiliate program - passive income mechanism 

Affiliate program - passive income mechanism 

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An account on Kanga Exchange is profitable for a number of reasons. One of them is our attractive three-level affiliate program. What is affiliation? It is making money on referrals! 

Do you like our exchange? Do you think it is worth recommending to others? Cool! What if I told you that you can easily earn money on these recommendations, without much effort?

With our program you can start earning in a few simple steps:

Create a campaign

Go to your account on kanga.exchange, find the “Affiliate” tab and generate a “New Campaign”.

Get a link

Copy your personal Kanga Exchange referral link from the “Affiliation” tab.

Invite your friends

Share the link with your friends, family, colleagues or social media followers.

Start earning money

When the affiliated user carries a transaction on the market, the percent of the generated transaction fee that was defined by you will become your commission reward. You will receive up to 20% commission on each transaction made by a referred user.

Why is it worth it?

No special requirements

You don’t have to be an influencer or a YouTuber to recommend us, our program is for everyone. You can join at any time. 🙂

Lifetime commission

The commission on transaction fees generated by referred users is granted for life. By using our affiliate program, you don’t get money only once – we will pay you a commission on every payment made by the person you referred to Kanga Exchange. As a referrer, you will receive a commission from the transaction fee of the referred user for life, i.e. as long as you have an account on the exchange.

No limit of accounts you can invite

There is no limit to the number of users the referrer can invite.

Statistics panel

On your account you will have access to a special panel where you can check the number of clicks, registrations and the earnings generated by you, at any time.

You benefit, we benefit!

You recommend us, we gain new users, the exchange grows – we all benefit. Win-win situation. 🙂

What does it mean that the program is three-level?

The affiliate program is a three-level program, which means that your profit comes from the consecutive levels: 

  • level 1 – from the transaction carried by your direct affiliate;  
  • level 2 – from the indirect affiliate so the one that comes from the direct affiliate;
  • level 3 – from the person recommended by the indirect affiliate. 

Complicated? Don’t worry. Here’s an example: 

You created a campaign and invited a new user – let’s call him John. If John carries a transaction on the exchange and pays a transaction fee, you will receive a part of the fee, the part defined by the parameter at Level 1. If John also creates a campaign and invites Ann, in the situation where Ann carries her transactions, John will receive part of the commission according to his Level 1 and you will get part of Ann’s commission according to Level 2 defined in your campaign. If Ann in turn creates her campaign and invites Tom, when Tom carries a transaction on the exchange and pays commission, then subsequently Ann will get part of the commission according to Level 1 defined in her campaign, John will get part of the commission according to Level 2 of his campaign and you will get part of the fee according to Level 3 you defined.


Do you have questions or would you like to learn how to create a new campaign step by step? I encourage you to read this post: https://kanga.exchange/new-affiliate-program-on-kanga

To sum up, the three-level affiliate program is an opportunity to create your own affiliate campaigns with different divisions of your profits, e.g. to your family, close friends or colleagues. It is you who decides how we can help you generate your rewards in return for your recommendation of our services to others.

Contact us in case of any problems in launching the affiliate program. Call us at +48 58 573 36 33 and choose 1 or send us an e-mail to [email protected]. Our Customer Service team will be happy to provide instructions and answer any question related to Kanga Exchange.