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New listing - DODO token

New listing - DODO token

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Do you even DODO?

We want to welcome DODO to Kanga Exchange. DODO is a set of DeFi tools that are used by many DeFi users every day. DODO is operating currently on multiple blockchains like Ethereum, Polygon, BSC and HECO. These as some of the things available on DODO protocol:

  • create an asset on the blockchain: Ethreum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, HECO- pool and create a swapping market for your asset.
  • create a crowd pooling campaign that allows you to build liquidity for your token with the help of the crowd.
  • create a liquidity mining campaign- DODO is also a decentralized swap exchange that offers great liquidity for many assets.
  • earn DODO by providing liquidity and many more.

DODO is one of the leading DeFi protocols and it has a great potential to become a go-to DeFi platform for any crypto asset.

Listing details:

  • deposits are open from today.
  • we are listing an Ethereum based DODO token.
  • new pair is DODO/ETH.
  • trading starts on Friday at 12:00 GMT.