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New listing - SUSHI

New listing - SUSHI

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Feeling SUSHI…

This week we welcome pSUSHI on Kanga.Exchange. We want our users to have a chance to trade the best DeFi tokens out there. SushiSwap is one of the major players in the DeFi space. Its team hasn’t stopped and has been rolling innovation non-stop! 

One of the latest news is an innovative new generation AMM (Automated Market Maker) called Trident AMM, which is rolling out as we speak.

SushiSwap is the most multichain swap exchange out there! You can use it on Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, HECO, Avalanche, Fantom and many others. 

It has been recently approached by large VC funds that offered Sushi DAO large investments but they got refused by the Sushi Community. Showing the strength of the community and a decentralized nature in the core. 

SushiSwap entered the market in mid-2020 with its successful vampire attack on UniSwap, and after that, many thought it won’t last for long. But It proved to create a really strong and vibrant community, that is constantly innovating. Since then Sushi has become the money market with multiple great products enabling trading, leverage, yield farming, automated yield strategies etc. 

For DeFi investors, SUSHI is a must-have token in the portfolio.

Listing details:

– We are listing a Polygon-based SUSHI token with a symbol “pSUSHI” – it means low fees and fast transactions,

– We are opening a new pair pSUSHI/pMATIC  

– Deposits of pSUSHI are open from today

– Trading of pSUSHI/pMATIC starts at 12:00 GMT on Friday (27th of August)

Happy trading!