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Kanga reveals IEO date

Kanga reveals IEO date

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Brace Yourself as Kanga reveal IEO date :calendar:
Mark your Calendars as $KNG IDO is coming on 23th September, 2021.KNG IEO DETAILS:
:small_blue_diamond:Start date: 23th September
:small_blue_diamond:Start time: 1PM CET
:small_blue_diamond:Format: IEO on Kanga Exchange
:small_blue_diamond:Rules: Only for TGLP subscribers, first come first serve
:small_blue_diamond:Total sale: 1 000 000 KNG
:small_blue_diamond:Vesting: 50% unlocked, rest unlock 2% per day
:small_blue_diamond:Price: 1 KNG = 2$
:small_blue_diamond:Max allocation: 1000$ per address
:small_blue_diamond:Available crypto: ETH, USDT

:warning: Kanga Exchange IEO

:raised_back_of_hand:There are bad actors who, using unfair technological advantages, buy large amounts of tokens before any real community members can, and then dump those tokens on the real community members and investors after a few minutes. Using this pump and dump scheme, bot owners can earn millions of dollars in just a couple of minutes at the expense of the community.
To avoid bots, protect investors and perform as fair and beneficial a distribution as possible for our community members, the $KNG sale will take place exclusively on Kanga EXCHANGE.

:warning: Kanga whitelist systemTo verify their whitelist, investors MUST transfer ETH or USDT from their TGLP whitelisted address (where they locked their tokens for TGLP subscription) to their Kanga ERC20 wallet. This transfer can be a minimal $ amount, but a transaction must occur from the subscribed wallet in order to link the account. Only this Kanga wallet will then be able to participate in the IEO. Each subscribed wallet will only be able to link with one Kanga account. Kanga IEO will eliminate the problem of unpredictably large gas fees on the ERC20 network.

:warning: Important Notice

:spiral_note_pad:Kanga Exchange will shortlist the whitelisted participants, and only the whitelisted addresses provided by Tenset team will get the chance to participate in the $KNG IEO.

Lock (https://tenset.io/gems/) 3,000 10set now. You can lock your tokens now via the Tenset websit

:rotating_light:Beware of fake contracts & fake tokens being traded on any DEX. $KNG IEO and listing will only take place exclusively on Kanga.Exchange

Once again, please mark your calendars and gear up as we dive into an exhilarating journey.