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MPayz IEO on Kanga Exchange

MPayz IEO on Kanga Exchange

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Kanga Exchange is making another step towards developing the Algorand blockchain. It is the first project based on the aforementioned chain on our cryptocurrency exchange. 

Project aims to revolutionize the healthcare industry technologically using its applications and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

MPayz – technological revolution for the healthcare industry

MAPay, is a global company providing revolutionary blockchain technology for the healthcare industry. They specialize in data exchange protocols (HIPAA) and decentralized payment networks.

MPayz aims to provide access to blockchain technology for the healthcare industry. It will enable companies and governments around the world to launch and commercialize applications that will improve the execution and reduce costs associated with payments in the medical industry. With NFT technology, developers will give patients back the right to control their health data. MPayz has a management team and advisors who will support the developers. The development of the project will be decided by all MPayz token holders, in this way the project wants to show its commitment to the idea of decentralized project management.

MPayz products

Project has big plans working on applications to revolutionize the medical industry. MPayz will be a system that facilitates better payment processing, billing, messaging, public health systems, and data analytics.

Network will facilitate international and intra-state transactions for patient care and/or drug purchase and distribution. International transactions are very costly, subject to exchange rate risks and lack of transparency. The escrow mechanism will significantly reduce the risks and thus the costs. System will facilitate payment processes, from invoicing to receipt of funds, based on customer requirements.

MPayz Token
MPayz is a utility token that powers applications running in the ecosystem. The token will be used to execute smart contracts, create NFTs and support international payments

The MPayz token will allow you to:

  • Accept real-time payments via Web/App, mobile devices, SMS or IVR.
  • Create a virtual bank account that will allow any healthcare entity to accept or transfer payments of any size, at any time and from anywhere.
  • Presentation of bills, payments and reports.
  • Creation and purchase of NFTs that represent private patient data. 

MPayz Wallet
MPayz Wallet will be available through an app on both the website and mobile. The wallet will equip users with everything they need to manage their digital assets, including access keys, tokens and token exchange.

MPayz Wallet will also generate passwords and keys on users’ devices, so only the user will have access to their health information and control over their data. 

Applications will extend NFT’s capabilities. They will include medical records, DNA, biomarkers and any data that is meaningful to the health status. Each NFT will have a unique identifier that will be placed in a wallet.

MAPay Healthcare Credentialing System
MAPay Healthcare Credentialing System is a suite of applications that allow healthcare providers to apply for certifications from governing authorities. System allows a provider to upload its credentials in the form of images, PDFs, documents and scanned copies. Once uploaded, the healthcare credentialing authority can review and verify the updated credentials and approve them.

Once approved, the credential is stored on the blockchain, which is publicly available to anyone.

MAPay Enterprise Payments 
MAPay Enterprise is a billing mechanism that reduces the costs associated with shipping, processing and collecting payments. It integrates seamlessly with a broad set of existing large-scale international systems. 

MEDspedia is the only platform that provides patients with clarity on healthcare payments by combining healthcare cost transparency and access to multiple payment options in one place.

Metaverse based Telehealth 
MAPay intends to leverage Microsoft’s Holographic Computing. They will use HoloLens devices and the MicrosoftMesh platform to provide virtual telehealth services. MAPay Metaverse will focus on patient care, telemedicine and other areas of telehealth.


IEO date: 15.12, 10:00 UTC
Hardcap: $500,000
Price per token: 0.03 USDT
Min. investment: $30
Max. investment: none
Vesting: 25% at launch – the rest over 12 months ratably
Available cryptocurrencies: USDT, USDC, oUSD, oPLN
Mainnet: Algorand

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Author: Piotr Szopa