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BEcryptoVIP on Kanga Exchange

BEcryptoVIP on Kanga Exchange

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The trend of non-fungible tokens was a king of all crypto trends in the last year, breaking all kinds of trade records. Cryptocurrency users were very excited about non-fungible images, but many pointed out their lack of real functionality. It’s time to change it with the introduction of projects that are revolutionizing the NFT industry.

BEcryptoVIP is the first project on Kanga Exchange as well as in the world, which, through the use of utility tokens (BE) and non-fungible tokens (NFT), provides the opportunity to earn commissions from transactions at cryptocurrency exchange points.

BEcryptoVIP – club for cryptocurrency enthusiasts

Born out of AirDance and focused around a global network of crypto and cash exchange points, BEcryptoVIP aims to increase cryptocurrency adoption. NFT-based club, will offer cryptocurrency enthusiasts access to exclusive forms of investments and services that can be purchased with cryptocurrencies.

$BE token and NFT collection is the heart of BEcryptoVIP ecosystem. The tokens are the key to the special BEcryptoVIP club community. Being a member of the club allows you to use innovative OTC systems and tools around the world. Users will have the opportunity to purchase goods and services offered by AirDance partners.

With 300 million cryptocurrency users worldwide, in which cryptocurrency adoption grows every year, connecting the digital and physical worlds becomes more and more important. BEcryptoVIP is the world’s first NFT-based VIP club for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, allowing them to save and earn with innovative investment tools.

BEcryptoVIP mission and vision

Project aims to increase cryptocurrency adoption by making cryptocurrency trading safer, easier and more enjoyable, giving cryptocurrency holders additional privileges that BEcryptoVIP membership can offer.

Developers see blockchain as a very promising technology, offering opportunities for investing in business projects and assets.

Vision of the project is to make the use of cryptocurrency wallets easy for every user. Not only for those who need to exchange large sums of money for cryptocurrencies, but also for those who want to buy goods and services using crypto. 

BEcryptoVIP token – BE

$BE tokens will be used to purchase membership in the BEcryptoVIP club, and in the future to pay for additional services and products offered by the club.

95% of the $BE tokens purchased will be permanently burned, and 5% will be transferred to POS tools and used to distribute profits to $BE holders. All token holders excluding NFT purchases can also be assigned to a dedicated POS tool to earn monthly from BEcryptoVIP transactions.

BEcryptoVIP members and $BE holders will earn with:

  • Discounts of 15-60% on exchange transactions at physical exchange points.
  • Providing liquidity for dedicated oPLN staking (this option is available to users staking $BE tokens)


IEO date: 13.12
Listing date: 15.12
Price: $1 Hardcap: $1 500 000
Min Investment: $100
Max Investment: $100 000
Currency pair: BE/USDT
Cryptocurriencies available: USDT, USDC, oUSD, oPLN, Matic, ETH
Token type: ERC20
Mainnet: Ethereum

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Author: Piotr Szopa