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Leonicorn IEO on Kanga Exchange

Leonicorn IEO on Kanga Exchange

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Leonicorn ecosystem combines the traditional Automatic Market Maker (AMM) features with multi-chain/cross-chain Decentralized Exchange (DEX) Aggregators. They provide an efficient NFT marketplace and GameFi that emphasizes user-friendly, efficient and secure crypto solutions. Combined with their novel reward sharing economy, they strive to be the standard bearers in the decentralized crypto world.

Point of Difference

What sets them apart as the standard bearers in the decentralized crypto world is their focus on building cross-chain swap on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) native tokens with unlimited liquidity. Furthermore, they are on the verge of launching the first GameFi reward sharing model on BSC where users will receive rewards from the reward pool every single day. This novelty will be integrated on top EMV and non-EMV chains such as KCC, OKC, APTOS, SUI, SEI and Linera. Also, their multi-chain NFT marketplace which is under development will be based on their core competencies in delivering user-friendly, efficient and secure one-stop shop.

The shared vision of Leonicorn ecosystem is creating a unique ecosystem that will truly benefit all holders for years to come. They share a commitment to ensuring that Leonicorn ecosystem becomes a household name in the crypto industry, a place which is a departure from riding hype & bull markets but delivering little to their communities. Driven by this shared vision the Leonicorn ecosystem has succeeded in growing one of the largest and most engaged community of supporters, affectionately called the #LEONARMY to provide exposures for all tokens on Leonicorn ecosystem.

The Leonicorn Team maintains proficiency in exploring emerging trends in crypto and delivering on products and services that take advantage of opportunities and mitigate risks. In the face of a crushing bear market, the Leonicorn Team has maintained its focus, drive and passion in delivering on its shared vision.

Products and Services

The Leonicorn ecosystem primarily consists of Decentralized exchange; GameFi; NFT Marketplace; and Specialized Trading. The Decentralized exchange component has the following features and services:

Yield Farming – Providing liquidity on decentralized exchange to earn DEX token $LEON

Launchpad – Offers opportunity for projects to fundraise on platform, leveraging their large and engaged community.

Limit Orders – Users do not have to be online to take advantage of pumps or buying a good dip but can set orders for transaction to be executed automatically.

Multi-chain Bridges – Users can connect to multiple blockchains through the Leonicorn ecosystem, allowing the transfer of information and tokens among Binance Smart Chain, Celo, Fantom, Avalanche, Polygon, Optimism, Gnosis, Arbitrum, Bittorent, Velas, Aurora, Oasis, Cronos, Heco, Moonriver, Boba Network, Aptos and OKC.

DEX Aggregation – Users can trade practically all tokens listed on all DEXES on the Binance Smart Chain through Leonicorn. They have an optimised engine that ensures trading is done efficiently with the least price impact which allows traders to receive more.   

Staking – Users can choose between Locked staking, where they receive fixed APR for staked tokens; or pool staking (CAVES) where they receive partner tokens. Their large and engaged community and user base offers cost effective opportunity for projects to market by providing tokens for CAVES.

GameFi – The GameFi section of Leonicorn is intended to offer a wide array of fun and innovative games from diverse genres. The games will feature speculative and non-speculative games, as well as free-to-play & play-to-earn games.

NFT Marketplace – One of the hallmarks of Leonicorn ecosystem is delivering products and services that can rivals the best the crypto industry has to offer. For this reason they are developing their NFT marketplace to have all the features and tools which ensures the best experience for all. They always prioritise security, user-friendliness and beautiful designs. For this reason, the Team is proud to promise user satisfaction upon the launch of its NFT marketplace.

Specialized Trading – Currently, traders can do Perpetual Futures Trading on Leonicorn. This is an important addition to their products and services as typically such services are available on centralized exchanges. Now people are not required to create any account and undertake KYC procedures before they can do Perpetual Futures Trading. The team remains on the lookout to add more specialized trading products.

$LEON Utility Token

The LEON utility token is the primary token that underpins activities on the Leonicorn ecosystem. The LEON utility token allows one to:

1.  Take part in Initial Dex Offering (IDOs).

2.  Mint NFTs on the ecosystem’s NFT marketplace.

3.  Take part in governance activities on the platform.

4.  Stake to earn additional LEON tokens and/or partner tokens.

5.  Play games on the ecosystem’s GameFi

6.  Earn as a reward for supplying liquidity on DEX

Novelty Reward Sharing Model

Leonicorn ecosystem is pioneering a rewards sharing system where all resources generated on their platform are placed in a special pool called The DEN. Every day, 3% of all accumulated resources in the DEN will be paid out to all holders of their special purpose token called $CUBS. The remaining 97% of the pool and new resources received are carried over to the next payment cycle. All $CUBS holders will receive 50% of all pay-outs from the DEN. What is more, the Team burns 50% of all $LEON tokens received during each pay-out.

The only thing required to get $CUBS is to play games in the GameFi section. The volume of one’s gameplay determines how much $CUBS tokens they receive. That is, the more you play the more $CUBS you will receive. The Team has designed the release of $CUBS in such a way that after the release of each 2,000,000 tokens one needs to play more to earn the tokens. For instance in Level 1 Stage 1 one will be required to play total volumes worth $10 to earn 1 $CUBS. This increases to $11 worth of total volume to earn 1 $CUBS at Level 2 Stage 1

Shortly after launch, the Leonicorn Team plans to add the ability to earn $CUBS tokens by trading on their platform and using their NFT marketplace. Users will earn the tokens based on the dollar value of their trading volumes. The total supply of $CUBS is two hundred million (200,000,000) and it can only come into circulation through transactions on the Leonicorn ecosystem (playing games or trading).

Furthermore, Leonicorn ecosystem has an exciting Referral Program which has already launched. Everyone can take part and refer people to use their ecosystem. Whatever $CUBS tokens one’s affiliates will earn for using the Leonicorn ecosystem, they will receive 5% of their quantity as their reward from the Team. As an illustration if one’s affiliates earn 10,000 $CUBS they will receive 500 tokens as their referral reward. One can stake the tokens to receive daily portions of the DEN pay-outs.


LEON/USDT market will be suspended for the duration of the IEO.
Market closure: 18.12, 8:00 pm UTC
Market opening: 21.12, 2:00 pm UTC

Helpful Links:

IEO Date: 20/12/2022 10:00 UTC
Hard Cap: $500,000
Price per Token: $0.002 (representing 50% discount on current average price)
Min. Investment: 100 USD
Max. Investment: 30,000 USD
Vesting: 10% TGE, 1 month cliff followed by daily release in 9 months
Available cryptocurrencies: USDT, USDC, oPLN, oEUR
Mainnet: Binance Smart Chain


Social Media links
Telegram     –       https://t.me/leonicornswap
Medium       –       https://swapleonicorn.medium.com/
LinkedIn     –       https://www.linkedin.com/company/leonicorn-swap/
Twitter        –       https://twitter.com/swapleonicorn 
YouTube     –       https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvysAHfztJtwsqUeueAd35Q
Facebook     –       https://web.facebook.com/leonicornswap
Github         –       https://github.com/Leonicornswap
Reddit         –       https://www.reddit.com/r/LeonicornSwap/
Discord       –       https://discord.com/invite/bG9RqyGKwE