Kanga Local vs. Kanga Exchange Point

Kanga Local and Kanga Kantor – it might seem that the two services do not differ from each other. After all, they both allow you to sell and buy cryptocurrencies for cash. Both may also be mobile and charge a commission according to the same rules (see below). However, there are certain aspects in which these two services differ.

So let us introduce you to the main similarities and differences between Kanga Local and Kanga Kantor šŸ™‚

Kanga Local* service allows you to make transactions between natural persons, ready to buy and sell cryptocurrencies for cash. Kanga Local users gain access to the transaction system after confirming that they have read the regulations, similarly to exchange users.

Kanga Exchange Point**, on the other hand, is a service intended for various kinds of companies (also sole traderships), which naturally entails slightly different cooperation requirements. If necessary, our specialists are ready to present them; for this purpose, contact them via e-mail: ā†’ [email protected]

Regarding the commission, mentioned in the introduction, it is worth saying that in the case of both services discussed here, Kanga Exchange only charges 1% commission on all the transactions. To this is added the remaining part of the commission determined by the operator with whom the exchange is made. That is a good opportunity to practice your negotiation skills šŸ™‚

Easy and efficient finding of Kanga Local users and stationary exchange points in a given city is possible thanks to the special search box ā†’ https://kangakantor.pl/en/#/. Just enter the name of the city in which it would be most convenient for You to exchange currency – all available options are displayed immediately. There is also an interactive map below the search box. After clicking on the selected pushpin, the hours of availability and contact details of the currency exchange point or the Kanga Local user are displayed. Green pushpins symbolize Kanga Local, and orange pushpins – stationary exchange points šŸ˜‰

Both the operator of the Kanga Local service and of a stationary exchange point may turn out to be mobile! So if you have a problem with getting to them, use the telephone number provided and discuss the details of the meeting with them.

For visual learners šŸ‘€ we present a short summary of the topic in the table below:

*A natural person who exchanges cryptocurrencies for cash, not as a part of a business practice.
**In accordance with the regulations in stationary exchange points:
Ā Ā Ā ā€“ transactions up to 1000 euro can be made in our exchange points without identity verification (KYC)
Ā Ā Ā ā€“ transactions from 15 thousand euro are connected with the requirement to report the transaction to the GIFI

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