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How to protect yourself from scams?

How to protect yourself from scams?

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Watch out for scam!

Dear Kanganaut, in the interest of your safety, we would like to draw your attention to fraud attempts and profiles impersonating Kanga Exchange.

Do not send you money to anyone who promises to send back double the amount!

Be cautious and never transfer any cryptocurrency to any other user’s wallet that promises to send back double the amount of cryptocurrency to you. Also, be careful of people who purport to be calling on behalf of Kanga Exchange or Kanga Cash Online Exchange. The exchange and/or the exchange points are never the first to contact – neither by phone, e-mail, nor any messaging services – with a proposal to invest in cryptocurrencies. If someone contacts you first, allegedly on our behalf – refrain from making any transactions.

We kindly ask you to be careful about job/cooperation offers, in which you would have to set up accounts on any websites providing services related to virtual currencies (including Kanga Exchange) and make any payments. It is possible that in this case you will become part of a chain of illegal money laundering or internet fraud. If you have agreed on this type of proposal and invested with the help of the so-called “cryptocurrency brokers”, please contact us urgently.

Do not install any AnyDesk app!

We ask you to be careful while investing in cryptocurrencies and to alert your relatives, in particular the elderly, not to make any cryptocurrency transactions using “cryptocurrency brokers”, and not to install any AnyDesk applications that will allow frauds to remotely make transactions using your computer.

Be careful. Invest responsibly and carefully in cryptocurrencies.

We have your best interests at heart and we care about your safety.

If needed, contact: [email protected]