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Kanga Exchange stablecoins

Kanga Exchange stablecoins

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Do you know the term “stablecoin”?

This can best be described as a “stable currency”. Stablecoins are digital currencies whose exchange rate is correlated to the corresponding fiat currencies, while their susceptibility to exchange rate fluctuations is minimal.

Kanga Exchange has 5 stablecoins: oPLN (omega PLN), oEUR (omega euro), oUSD (omega USD), oGBP (omega funt) and oAED (omega dirham).

It is worth noting that we are the only exchange in the world with oPLN!

How does it work?

Deposit PLN to your Kanga account. The funds will be automatically booked as oPLN. However, when withdrawing them to your bank account, you will receive the fiat currency back.

How can you use oPLNs and other stablecoins? You can:

  • pay with them for cryptocurrencies available on our exchange,
  • buy crypto in our partner stationary exchange points,
  • send them to another Kanga Exchange user as a part of a free internal transfer,
  • participate in IEO and buy tokens with them,
  • pay for products and services with the Kanga payment gateway.

Where to buy or sell our stablecoins?

  • directly on Kanga Exchange using payment services ZEN.COM,
  • you can send them directly to Kanga Exchange by bank transfer,
  • for cash in one of over 300 stationary partner offices,
  • in the cash deposit machine.

You can also stake our oPLN stablecoin on an individual Staking account, thanks to which its value will grow!

Create an account on Kanga Exchange today and see for yourself how easy it is!