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IEO on Kanga Exchange

IEO on Kanga Exchange

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How to start your project IEO on Kanga? We have written about IEO many times on our social media, so I hope that the concept is not entirely unfamiliar to you.

As a reminder, a few words about:IEO – Initial Exchange Offering is one of the ways to obtain capital through a project by issuing your own token in the cryptocurrency exchange infrastructure. As part of the IEO, the project creators introduce their cryptocurrency (token) to the exchange, thus gaining funds for the development of the project, while the exchange, as the place of issue, becomes a guarantor of security for investors.

How to start? Are you interested in IEO but don’t know how to start? It is straightforward! Go to our website and fill out the application form. If you have questions that are not answered in the form, write to us at [email protected] 🙂 Important! To be able to tokenize your project, you must first meet several conditions.
The first and necessary one is creating a document, which is referred to as the Whitepaper. Include in it a description of the project assumptions, business model, and project development plan. Remember also about the token issuance regulations. Finally, make sure that potential investors have a chance to know your token’s economy. For this purpose, it is best to create a page describing the project.

How much it costs?
The cost of each IEO is determined individually at the stage of the first interviews. On average, it is usually around 3% of the collected amount. In addition, a specific pool of your tokens will be distributed among people who stake KNG on PoS.

IEO initial issue
You set the value of your token by valuing it in a specific currency. It can be both stablecoins (e.g., oPLN, USDT, USDC) and traditional cryptocurrencies such as BTC and ETH. Remember that this decision is irreversible, so be well prepared for it. The purchase price is converted in real-time (take exchange rates into account). Our commission will reduce the final amount. Additional options that the issuer may use:

  • adding a manager account;
  • vesting, i.e., blocking and releasing tokens in time;
  • creating a covert fundraiser;
  • setting access codes, i.e., purchase codes identifying specific sales groups (in the case of a private IEO);
  • a three-tier affiliate program;
  • buyer bonus (benefits for the user who enters the generated code);
  • KYC enforcement option (depending on the legal situation of the token).

After-sale, we also enable:

  • opening the secondary market to any cryptocurrency, i.e., listing on the exchange (subject to meeting certain conditions);
  • placing tokens on PoS allows sharing the revenue (not profit!) of the company or the selected service with the investor.

What else does Kanga Exchange provide? Marketing support for the project:

  • a mention in the newsletter that we send to our users once a week;
  • exposure in social media and on the home page of the Kanga Exchange;
  • enabling the purchase of tokens in a network of over 250 stationary Kanga Exchange offices;
  • listing on the top IEO positions and support in other marketing areas.

It is worth noting that the listed options are individually determined for each project.Why is it worth issuing your token on the Kanga Exchange platform? Let the recommendation be that the authors of the Tenset project conducted their IEO with us, which probably does not need to be introduced to anyone today 🙂

Interested? Please write to us or submit your project using the form on Kanga.Exchage for more information.