#KangaZEN - Results of the contest

#KangaZEN - Results of the contest
New listing on Kanga Exchange: project vEMPIRE DDAO
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We already know who will attain the ZEN state in 2022! #KangaZEN

We have received many of your answers to the question “What will you pay for with the Kanga card in the new year”.

We truly hope that you will be able to realize your plans!

Without further ado, we are pleased to announce that the following Kanganauts will receive the Kanga card and a year free of charge:

1. brtk.em @xbambolada

2. Noe @BILT_Polska

3. NO9 @NO996216847

4. Mateusz Kołakowski

5. Szymek z Rivii

6. Dawid Cyboran

7. Andrzej Marcinkowski

8. Tomasz Majewski

9. Jacek Kołodziejczak

10. Piotr Peterka Czaja

Thank you all for taking part!

Winners – please contact us in a private message. 🙂

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