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Contest #KangaTravel

Contest #KangaTravel

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How to participate?

Step 1. Take a vacation photo of something that reminds you of Kanga. It can be, for example, a t-shirt, one of our gadgets that you once received from us, a Kanga card and many more. You can show off a lot of ideas here, and we’ll reward 5️⃣ of the most creative and outstanding contest works!
Step 2. Publish the picture on at least one of your social media profiles.
Step 3. Mark our fanpage in the post with the photo.
Step 4. Add the hashtag #KangaTravel to your post content.
Step 5. Continue your leisure and wait for the announcement of the results! 😎

🏆 What are the rewards?

🥇 1st place – 100 KNG + Kanganauts mascot + our gadgets
🥈 2nd place – 50 KNG + Kanganauts mascot + our gadgets
🥉 3rd place – 25 KNG + Kanganauts mascot + our gadgets
🏅 4th place – InKangaWeTrust sweatshirt + Kanga stickers
🎖 5th place – InKangaWeTrust T-shirt + Kanga stickers

You will find the regulations of the contest below ⬇️

#KangaTravel” Contest Regulations
(hereinafter reffered to as the “Regulations”)

I. General Terms and Rules

  1. These Regulations govern the conditions on the basis of which the “#KangaTravel” Contest is
    carried out, as well as rights and obligations of the Contest Organiser and Contest Participants.
  2. The terms and expressions set forth hereunder shall have the following meaning:
    a. Contest – the contest entitled “#KantaTravel” carried out on the basis of the present Regulations;
    b. A natural person – a natural person at least 18 years of age with full active legal capacity;
    c. Organiser – Kanga Exchange – Good Solution Investments Limited, Cromwell House, Ground-Floor, 117 Alber Street, Belize; Company Number 176380;
    d. Market – virtual currency and token exchange platform based online on kanga.exchange and run by the Organiser;
    e. Contest Participant – every natural person who made a valid application to the Contest and meets the criteria determined by the Contest Regulations;
    f. Contest Task –
    Step 1: Take a vacation picture of something that reminds you of Kanga. It can be a T-shirt, one of our gift items you once received, Kanga card etc.;
    Step 2: Publish the photo on at least one of your social media profiles;
    Step 3: Tag Kanga in your post;
    Step 4: Add hashtag “#KangaTravel” into the post content.
    g. Contest Post – the post published on the Organiser’s social media Portal: Facebook, Twitter, Telegram (hereinafter refferred to asthe „Portal”), where the Contest and the rules are announced;
    h. Jury – a panel of people cooperating within the Kanga Exchange project assessing the submitted Contest Posts;
    i.  Prize – depending on the place in the Contest:
    1st prize:100 KNG tokens + Kanganaut mascot + gift items branded with Kanga Exchange logo
    2nd prize: 50 KNG tokens + Kanganaut mascot + gift items branded with Kanga Exchange logo
    3rd prize: 25 KNG tokens + Kanganaut mascot + gift items branded with Kanga Exchange logo
    4th prize: “InKangaWeTrust” hoodie + stickers
    5th prize: “InKangaWeTrust” T-shirt + stickers
  3. The Contest is not created, administered or sponsored by the Portal by means of which the Contest is carried out.
  4. This Contest is neither a service order or a provision of services by the Contest Participant, nor it constitutes commitment to any payable performance obligation, subject to the principles outlined in the Regulations. Contest Participant is not taking a risk on, acting on behalf of or for the benefit of the Organiser.

II. Contest Participation

  1. Contest Participation requires acceptance of the Regulations. The content of the Regulations is available on the site: URL: https://kanga.exchange/contest-kangatravel By entering the Contest, the Participant accepts the provisions of the Regulations.
  2. Eligible for participation in the Contest are only natural persons who are registered account holders on the Portal, where the Contest Post is published, as well as natural persons that hold active unlocked account on the Market.
  3. By accepting the provisions of the Regulations, the Participant expresses consent to the processing of the comment published in the Contest for marketing purposes.
  4. The Contest is about publishing a photo with a comment that constitutes the Contest Task by a natural person under the Contest Post. The Contest shall be assessed by the Jury. Participation in the Contest is free and voluntary.
  5. The Organiser’s affiliates and related parties’ associates, persons involved in the Contest organisation and conduct, as well as their family members are not allowed to enter the Contest.
  6. Participants who provide false or incorrect personal data are violating the rules of this Regulations and will not be granted the Prize. Contest Participant declares that they are the author of the entry submitted to the Contest and that it does not, in any way, infringe the rights of third parties. In case a Contest Task entry is published by more than one Contest Participant, priority will be given to the Participant who submitted an entry with an earlier publishing date. Participants whose entries constitute a compilation of another person’s work will not be taken into consideration in the Contest assessment.
  7. Any applicant not fulfilling the eligibility criteria will be excluded from the Contest and will lose the entitlement to the Contest Prize.
  8. The Participant consents to the Organiser publishing their nick and Contest Post on Organiser’s social media profiles and communication platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Telegram).
  9. The comments published in the Contest cannot contain anything that is generally considered to be vulgar, insulting or violating personal interests of other people. Participants are required to comply with the Regulations. The failure to comply with the Regulations may result in excluding the Participant from the Contest.
  10. To collect the Prize Contest winners are obliged to disclose, in the private message on the Portal where they published their Contest Task entry, an e-mail address authenticating the Market account and the delivery address for the non-cash prize. Holding an active unlocked account on the Market is a condition for receiving the Prize.
  11. The non-cash prize will be sent within 7 working days after the Contest winner fulfilled the obligation referred to in paragraph 10. above. The token prize will be transferred immediately, no later that within 5 working days, to the Contest winner’s Market account.
  12. Disclosing personal data by the Participant is tantamount to consent to its processing by the Organiser for the purposes of conducting the contest, in compliance with personal data protection regulations.
  13. The Prize is non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash or any other prize.
  14. The Organiser reserves the right to modify the Contest Regulations throughout the Contest duration.

III. Contest Period

  1. The Contest shall begin at 13:00 CEST on July 12, 2022 and end at 23:59 CEST on August 31, 2022. The Contest results will be announced at 14:00 CEST on September 1, 2022.
  2. The Contest results will be announced on the on the Organiser’s profiles on the Portals where the Contest Task was advertised.

IV. Liability

  1. The Organiser shall not be responsible for the content of the published Contest entries however, in case of violation of the accepted standards or the regulations of the Portals through which the Contest Post was published, will be authorised to delete a Participant’s comment.
  2. The governing law applicable to this Contest is, subject to the mandatory provisions of law, the law applicable to the Contest Organiser.
  3. Every Participant is responsible for violating the provisions of the Portals regulations in the extent of the user consent provided in the profile registration process.