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Creo Engine IEO on Kanga Exchange

Creo Engine IEO on Kanga Exchange

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After the great success of KNG IEO, we are coming back to you with another collection. Among Kanga fans, we are sure to find many gamers. The gaming industry in the cryptocurrency world is developing at an express pace creating more and more games, platforms and solutions necessary for the industry.

With its CreoPlay platform, Creo Engine aims to become the Steam of Web3 that integrates multiple games through its Interoperability feature.

Revolution for gaming

Creo Engine is a size-fits-all gaming platform for all web3 applications and services.

Creo Engine provides a blockchain gaming platform dedicated to game developers worldwide to integrate their games, similar to how the Steam store distributes its library of games. This vast hub of web3 games is called ‘CreoPlay.’

Integrated games can connect to other games below the platform through the Asset/NFT Interoperability feature. The ability of NFT assets to interconnect and be used in other games means these NFTs have added utility, and added utility means added value. So customers that buy the NFTs invest in more than just one game in CreoPlay. These dynamics will indeed create a win-win for users and developers.

Aside from CreoPlay, Creo Engine also serves as a game developer. The games are developed through an in-house studio, ‘Nomina Games.’ With more than 60 members, Nomina Games aims to provide the best gaming experience for its gamers worldwide.

The first game, Evermore Knights, is a turn-based JRPG game and gathered over 50,000 pre-registered users from 5 countries in SEA, namely Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, and Malaysia. The Closed Beta Test runs from 30th October until 30th November 2022, and the Soft launch is set to start on 12th December 2022.

Slime Haven, the second game, is a pet breeding simulator game that features cute pets players can breed and battle with. Slime Haven is expected to be launched sometime in 2023

CREO functionalities

The Creo Engine token (CREO) serves as the governance token of the whole ecosystem. Utilities are as follows:

1. Transactional purposes
Users purchasing NFT assets on CreoPlay to play certain games will have to use CREO tokens for transactions.

2. Platform fee
CREO tokens will also be used as platform fees on the CreoPlay marketplace. If a user purchases an NFT listed on the marketplace using other cryptocurrencies, the user will need to prepare a small amount of CREO to pay the platform fee.

3. Staking
On the CreoPlay staking feature, users can stake their CREO tokens on CreoPlay to earn more CREO tokens or NFTs. Users will also be able to stake their NFTs in exchange for CREO tokens or NFTs.

4. Liquidity
Creo Tokens will also be used as liquidity in exchanges.

5. Incubation Program
Creo Engine will use the Creo token in the project incubation program.

6. Rewards
Creo Engine will occasionally give away Creo tokens in promotional events as a reward.

IEO CREO on Kanga Exchange

Creo Engine and Kanga Exchange are collaborating to hold an IEO event on Kanga Exchange on 8th of December 2022. Our exchange will offer this private sale at 50% off the market price.


IEO date: 08.12 at 11:00 am UTC
Listing date: 09.12
Price: 50% of the market price
Min Investment: $50
Max Investment: none
Vesting: Tokens will be released for 100 days
Cliff: 365 days 
Currency pair: CREO/USDT
Cryptocurrencies available: USDT
Token type: BEP20
Mainnet: BSC

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Author: Piotr Szopa