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What is an internal transfer?

What is an internal transfer?

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What is an internal transfer on the Kanga Exchange cryptocurrency exchange?

  • An internal transfer is a special type of withdrawal. On Kanga exchange you can transfer your funds to another user just by giving the e-mail address to their account.
  • Moreover, you can make such a transfer even to a person who does not have an account on kanga.exchange. You only need to give their e-mail address and the system will create a wallet with the indicated e-mail. All they will have to do to accept the transferred funds is to klick the button in the e-mail they will receive with the information that you have made a transfer to them. Next, they will set up their password and they can start using the funds you sent them.
  • There are no fees related to internal transfers – they are free!
  • An internal transfer reaches the recipient immediately! The transaction is not processed in a blockchain, but is carried as part of Kanga exchange operations.

How to make an internal transfer?

  1. Go to Withdrawals in your Wallet and from a dropdown list select the currency you wish to transfer.
    Go to your Wallet Balances and click the Withdrawal button next to the appropriate currency.

2. The available balance (the maximum withdrawal/transfer amount) is shown in a box under the selected currency.

3. Next click the INTERNAL TRANSFER button.

4. Now enter the e-mail address to the Kanga account to which you wish to make the transfer in the relevant box. If the recipient does not have an account on Kanga exchange, enter the e-mail address they are using. The system will create an account for them so that they can receive your transfer.

5. Next, in the box below enter the amount you wish to transfer. Check that the details are correct and click the CONTINUE button.

6. A modal window with a summary of the transaction will appear. If everything is correct, click the CONTINUE button.

7. The system will send a verification link to your e-mail address. Click the link to confirm the withdrawal (transfer).