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In relation to the entry of two companies related to the activities of Kanga Exchange, we declare as follows:

  1. Good Investments LTD was the operator of the Kanga Exchange until January 11, 2022, about which the Company informed Users via e-mail and on the Exchange website.
  2. The company BSSIP LTD performs subsidiary activities related to the activities of Kanga Exchange.
  3. None of the indicated companies performs the main operational tasks required for the proper functioning of the exchange and related services (e.g. payments and withdrawals, functioning of the exchange points, etc.).
  4. None of the services provided or related to Kanga Exchange have been discontinued.
  5. In order to maintain the highest standards, Kanga Exchange notified its operating partners of the situation, including those not related directly to entities on the list of warnings. We received a declaration of cooperation and support.
  6. As representatives of Kanga Exchange, we do not understand the legitimacy of the doubts raised by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, namely “enabling financial instruments trading without permission”. None of the entities associated with the Kanga Exchange has ever engaged in any activities related to trading in financial instruments that would require specific authorization.
  7. We also draw attention to the fact that none of the entities has received an official notification from the Polish Financial Supervision Authority or the prosecutor’s office about the pending proceedings.
  8. Kanga Exchange declares full cooperation with the regulator and relevant authorities. At the same time, the legal services of Kanga Exchange have taken appropriate measures to clarify the current situation immediately.
  9. We are also aware of the fact that for several weeks there have been activities on the Internet aimed at denigrating the activities and services provided by Kanga Exchange. The case was referred to law enforcement agencies. Actions were also taken to reveal the identity of the people behind the initiative.
  10. From the beginning of its activity, Kanga Exchange focused on cooperation and building a strong cryptocurrency community. We perceive the situation not only as an attempt to harm Kanga Exchange, but also as a measure which is harmful for the Polish cryptocurrency community.