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What Do Kangaroos and Cryptocurrencies Have in Common?

What Do Kangaroos and Cryptocurrencies Have in Common?

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One of the most fascinating technological trends in recent years is the orgin of blockchain and cryptocurrencies and the constant growth of this industry. Is there any link between nature and blockchain reality? Well, it turns out that cryptocurrencies and jumping animals, such as kangaroos, have more in common than you might imagine. How exactly are marsupials related to digital currencies?


Kangaroos inhabit the territories of Australia and are its official symbol included on the nation’s coat of arms. Though they can only be found on one continent, they are not an endangered species, which proves their extraordinary strength.

Strength is a term that applies to various areas of life and may have many different connotations. In the case of cryptocurrencies and blockchain this strength is manifested by the fact that the whole system is based on the decentralized structure, which means there is no central point controlling the entire network. Owing to that blockchain is, in principle, resistant to hackers’ or other cybercriminals’ attacks, which makes it safe.

Similarly, kangaroos are characterized by remarkable strength visible not only in their ability to survive and adaptability to different conditions. The force of their blows is so strong it could put many a boxer to shame in the ring. In addition, kangaroos are able to move faster than cars in a city centre, leaping a distance of 10 meters at a time, which allows them to escape the predatory birds or foxes. Also, kangaroos are perfectly adapted to living in tough environmental conditions such as high temperatures and water shortages.

Adapting to challenging conditions frequently requires will power and determination, which can relate to both, cryptocurrencies and kangaroos. In case of blockchain, the technology developers and users need to possess these qualities to support, upgrade and protect the system against e.g. cyber attacks. Similarly, kangaroos need to be determined to survive. They do not struggle with heat and drought only. In the wild, they are constantly under stress of poachers firing their shotguns and setting traps to catch them.


Freedom is another aspect that connects these two worlds. Cryptocurrency companies and kangaroos in Australia both want freedom of action. Unfortunately for both, this space is often limited or even taken away from them.

Independence and liberty are basic needs and wants of people and animals. In the case of cryptocurrencies freedom means the ability to use the system unrestrictedly and with no government or other central institutions control. Cryptocurrency companies strive to ensure that their users have the possibility to use cryptocurrencies and make transactions without constraints.

Similarly kangaroos, as wild animals, need freedom to move around in search of food and a place to live. Sadly, human activity in Australia has dramatically reduced their natural habitat in recent years, which harbours serious danger to kangaroos. The animals are being driven out from their habitats and the lands are used for growing wheat1. Restriction of the liberty of kangaroos might lead to reducing their population and threat of extinction for this species.

Freedom is also a notion related to democracy and human rights. In case of cryptocurrencies, freedom means the lack of government control and full control of the users over their money. It is important in the countries where national regulatory authorities monitor the citizens as well as during inflation or financial crises. 

The same way kangaroos are the epitome of freedom. There are numerous groups and organisations working to protect natural kangaroos habitats in Australia ensuring their freedom in appropriate conditions.


Jumping is another feature kangaroos and cryptocurrencies share, as both kangaroos and cryptocurrency prices might jump really high.

The investors on the cryptocurrency market are already used to rapid and sudden rate changes that can vary dramatically in no time. In turn, kangaroos are well known for their ability to jump really high. Marsupials are the only mammals that use jumping to move around. Thanks to this method they save energy and can travel long distances in places where access to feeding and watering is limited. Jumping high, they sometimes can cover a distance three times their own height at a time.

As for cryptocurrencies, the rate jumps can be triggered by different factors, such as changes in market regulations, media coverage or the activities of investors. The jump dynamics of the cryptocurrency exchange rates can bring both high profits or large losses for the investors, just as jumping is crucial for kangaroos’ survival and the ability to move around in difficult terrain.

Cryptocurrency Adoption vs Kangaroo Adoption

We have already mentioned a few times before how cryptocurrencies can be adopted in everyday life. We are happy to provide tools that make this possible. Today, we speak with pride of adoption in connection with kangaroos, that have won our hearts with unordinary characters and that you strongly associate with Kanga. Interestingly, the majority of respondents, the users of our exchange, indicated these animals in response to the question ”What do you associate Kanga Exchange with?”. As part of the ”KangaRoo” campaign we are supporting these beautiful animals living in the the zoo in Gdańsk Oliwa, so that they can enjoy comfortable living conditions forever. Visit the kangaroos we have adopted and support this amazing animal species with us! See more on our website.