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We are entering a new era of cryptocurrency trading with Kanga. Beyond crypto.

We are entering a new era of cryptocurrency trading with Kanga. Beyond crypto.

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Dear Users,

We want to announce an important update regarding changes that you may have already noticed on our website, social media profiles, and beyond – we are undergoing a rebranding! Our company is currently going through a crucial stage of development. We plan to continue growing and enhancing our services to meet the rising demands of the cryptocurrency industry. We aim to expand our offerings further and adapt to the ever-changing cryptocurrency market.

Kanga, formerly Kanga Exchange, is rebranding to reflect our values and goals better. The rebranding will cover most aspects of our company, including our website, offline materials, and social media profiles.

“Beyond crypto” is the motto that guides us as Kanga. It means that as a brand, we offer much more than just a cryptocurrency exchange – we go beyond and set trends. Evidence of this is the range of tools we provide, which includes:

We are committed to providing high-quality services and improving our offerings to meet the needs of our users. That is why we invest in our development. Our exchange services are available in 14 countries and over 800 exchange points, making us one of the most extensive physical cryptocurrency exchange options globally. With over 250 currency pairs on our exchange, we offer our users flexibility in investing in various exciting virtual assets while providing quality, reliability, and security.

We are proud to be your choice for cryptocurrency trading. We continuously strive to provide our loyal users with even better experiences related to cryptocurrency trading. The rebranding of Kanga is essential in our continued development in the cryptocurrency market. We are ready for further investment and growth and sincerely appreciate your trust.

Best regards,
The Kanga Team.