This is…KANGA!

One month, 7 partners, lots of interviews, 4 tokens, one exchange! Polish exchange!

The last month was very intense for us. We are extremely grateful to our new strategic partners. For faith in our project, for all fingers crossed, and for common fight! This is our win! Together with the Tenset and Metahero teams, we educate the community and provide the best solutions to our users. We believe in human financial freedom (and not only!), in the global community, and in the development of technology. Every user is important to us. Every day we learn new things and improve our activities and processes. And that’s all for you!

What happened this month? Let’s do a quick recap.

And on top of that, we conducted the “Kwadrans z Kangą” every week.

Yes – sleeping was hard. But we have become a stronger, integrated team of enthusiasts.

Great things happened in Poland!

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