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Personal tokenization on Kanga Exchange

Personal tokenization on Kanga Exchange

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From the very beginning, Kanga Exchange saw the potential of social tokens and took an active part in building the infrastructure necessary for their functioning. Blockchain technology in 2018, when Kanga Exchange launched its operations, was still in its infancy. No efficient decentralized exchanges, no easy means of issuing tokens and a lack of compatible wallets. Therefore, from the very beginning, Kanga decided to offer the emerging token-based communities solutions that, apart from improving their functioning, will enable ways for building their value.

One of the most important solutions that Kanga has offered to social tokens is the ability to connect to our billing system via a dedicated API. This made it possible to build tools that allow for free transfers between users, listing tokens on our exchange, and making our set of tools available for creators.

In 2019, together with the world’s first personal tokenization platform, personaltokens.io, we launched the ability to easily create tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, which has already been used by several hundred communities around the world. To meet the needs and problems of the market, together with the Sapiency.io mobile application, we have enabled personal tokenization based on the Polygon blockchain. This led to an outbreak of tokenization. As a consequence, today nearly 100 people are tokenized daily using applications integrated with our system. By providing our billing system solutions, Kanga processes today close to 100,000 transactions a day for thousands of personal tokens. This makes Kanga a world leader on the personal and social tokenization front.

Based on our transaction system, applications such as Sapiency.io allow tokenization but also functionalities such as Airdrops or Crowdsales. With their help, influencers from around the world build their communities and raise funds to achieve their goals.

To easily create your token and list it on Kanga, use one of the applications integrated with us:

  1. Download the Sapiency.io app on your phone
  2. Register and fill out the tokenization form
  3. Start posting content, making airdrops, and start a crowdsale!
  4. If you want to have a dedicated market  for your token on Kanga Exchange, send a message to [email protected]


Blockchain enters every aspect of our lives, and social tokens are, in our opinion, the next big trend in crypto, after NFT.

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