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PoS (Proof of Stake) in Kanga is a service that allows you to profit from storing your KNG tokens in a special, personal Staking account. Users who stake their funds receive daily rewards in the form of KNG tokens. Obtained prizes come from a proportional distribution of income from transaction fees charged on the Kanga Exchange platform among all Staking KNG users.

The size of the prize is dependent on two things: daily income from all Kanga commissions and the amount of funds on the user’s Staking account. The bigger the amount on KNG tokens in your Staking, the bigger the prize.

How does it work?

If you already own KNG tokens, go to the Staking tab on the kanga.exchange website and use the “transfer” option by selecting “deposit to Staking”. Select the quantity of KNGs you want to deposit and click on the “transfer KNG” button. Additionally, you can turn on the autotransfer option, thanks to which your rewards will be automatically transferred to your Staking account.
To sum up: 
Step 1: Buy KNG tokens 
Step 2: Transfer them to your Staking account 
Step 3: (Optional) Turn on the autotransfer option
Step 4: Every day watch your KNGs multiply without you lifting a finger 
Step 5: Profit