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NFT Pulse Inu available for purchase on Kanga!

NFT Pulse Inu available for purchase on Kanga!

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On Friday, February 23rd, at 11:00 AM, the Initial NFT Offering, will take place on Kanga. A limited quantity of tokens will be available for sale on the Pulse network.

NFT Pulse Inu is a beautifully designed limited edition of NFT tokens available on the Pulse network. Each NFT Pulse Inu possesses a unique, rendered fragment of pixel art created and generated by a real artist.

There will be a total of only 10,000 NFTs available, and once sold out, no additional tokens will be issued.

NFT Pulse Inu is available at the Collector level:

To acquire this unique NFT, the user typically needs to burn 10 billion Pulse Inu tokens. Here on Kanga, you can purchase it for 10 USDT, which will be used by the project to buy and then burn Pulse Inu tokens. NFT Collector provides a 5% additional increase.

Future rewards

The development of future protocols on PulseChain will be beneficial for NFT holders, providing them with the potential for passive earning of Pulsechain tokens.

Link to the auction: https://trade.kanga.exchange/launchpad/PINUcollector