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New IEO on Kanga - Another-1!

New IEO on Kanga - Another-1!

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We’re thrilled to unveil the latest IEO secured for Kanga Exchange users: a private round of Another-1, project backed by Animoca Brands and The Sandbox. 

Another-1 is the ultimate web3 luxury fashion platform built on Polygon, where users can create, collect, stake, and trade phygital fashion backed by NFC-authenticated physical goods. By repurposing fashion products via NFTs for metaverse interoperability, Another-1 serves as a one-stop shop for a new transcending asset class that merges realities to create a dynamic ecosystem of hypebeasts, designers, brands, and resellers secured on-chain.


Another-1’s mission is to build innovative Phygital Fashion solutions that bridge the gap between traditional fashion and Web3. The project helps traditional fashion stakeholders (brands, designers, retailers, and consumers) easily and cost-effectively launch, collect, consume, and trade Phygital collectibles. In addition, it supports Web3 communities (NFT projects, blockchain games, events) introduce Phygital fashion elements to their target audiences.


The project vision involves defining the usage of Web3 and Phygital NFTs, transforming them from mere marketing stunts or speculative ventures into sustainable tools for businesses and end users to leverage the hidden value in these emerging technologies. This aligns with the phygital meaning – blending physical and digital landscapes to create an engaging, immersive experience.

Another-1 aims to create an immersive and interactive experience by utilizing the latest and most advanced technology, including blockchain, Web3, Metaverse, and NFC. Project creators aspire to push the boundaries of what is possible in the fashion industry and create new and exciting opportunities for industry professionals and consumers.

Main features

  • Another Drop Offering (ADO) – A launchpad with a standardized protocol that enables cost-effective & easy creation of metaverse-ready phygital fashion/merchandise collections equipped with on-chain authentication. Any brand, designer, and gaming project can use it to realize their WEB3 phygital strategy.”
  • Flex 2 Earn (F2E) – A Web3 Loyalty & Engagement Tool that connects virtual experiences with in-real-life engagement. AN1 proprietary protocol allows on-chain transactions to be triggered by IRL activities, and vice versa. Perfect for brands, retailers, and gaming projects to explore a range of novel possibilities in user/customer engagement.
  • Another-1 gathered an impressive army of backers including Animoca Brands, BRINC, Tanuki Studio (Sandbox), GD10 Venture, Vendetta Capital, Zephyr Capital, MEXC, Enjin Starter, Trustswap, BlockPath, AAG Venture and many more.

Another-1 NFC / NFT ecosystem

Another-1 fashion items are equipped with unique NFC chips. NFC (near-field communication) are small chips that contain data that links the physical garment to an NFT. NFTs contain information about the item’s history, place of manufacture, authenticity, and ownership certificate, all verified by the blockchain.

These digitally enabled items represent a new way for brands to connect with consumers, providing connectivity and real-world benefits. We have created mobile apps/ scanners that can detect NFC/ NFT clothing worn by retail and therefore offer them rewards that are not possible in traditional fashion. For example:

  • Token rewards for users that scan/ collect NFC clothing
  • Gated access to IRL events/ communities
  • Metaverse access, whereby your metaverse asset will wear the clothing digital twin

This takes the experience of fashion and fashion collection to a new immersive experience.

Token information

  • Symbols: AN1
  • Total Supply:  1,000,000,000
  • Token price: $0.025
  • Chain: Polygon
  • Vesting terms: 3 months cliff, 12 months daily linear

Token Utility

Another-1 (AN1) allows all the stakeholders in the ecosystem to interact and generate value from the phygital offering made through our phygital toolbox and economy generated by the reward and loyalty program. The Token utility can be expressed in all partners platform as whitelist, discount, rewards, privilege access and fungibility.

Another-1 private round on Kanga

10AM UTC –  First round for KNG stakers (must opt-in by bidding on chosen allocation package)

11AM UTC – Second round (FCSC) open for all

Link to the sale: https://trade.kanga.exchange/launchpad/AN1

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