New listing on Kanga Exchange: project vEMPIRE DDAO


vEmpire DDAO is the first ever Layer 2 Metaverse protocol. We are built around and encompass multiple projects. We facilitate DeFi like staking pools of Metaverse tokens, paying yields in our token $VEMP as the primary yield then using the tokens staked to build a giant war chest of virtual property, NFTs & real estate within these worlds. We apply play to earn games both on our platform & within Metaverses. Our first platform game is out at & we have games ready to go for Sandbox’s launch as well.

Listing details: 

Listing pair: VEMP/USDT

Asks: 06.01.22 10 UTC

Bids: 07.01.22 10 UTC

Withdrawal date: 08.01.22 9 UTC

Social Media:
White paperhttp://

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