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New Kanga Exchange office in Ukraine

New Kanga Exchange office in Ukraine

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We jump a few weeks ahead of the initial roadmap today! Kanga muscles have become strong enough to open the first physical exchange point abroad.

The expansion of Kanga exchange offices is more and more clearly marked on the map of our exchange office network. Developing the project internationally is a key focus of ours and we are delighted to see the first office open up outside of Poland.

You can now exchange crypto for cash in Ukraine! The network of exchange offices has been expanded with a new branch in Kyiv. Even though the network is now crossing into new borders, the rules remain unchanged – in our exchange offices you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies for cash without KYC up to EUR 15,000 in a single OTC transaction!

Come visit us and see for yourself how easy it is! This office in Kyiv is just the beginning of our international expansions and you can expect to see many more spots open up very soon! Each new office that opens will help us grow our presence around the world and reach new investors who want a simple way to interact with cryptocurrency. Mass adoption of cryptocurrency will be possible with a global hub of Kanga Exchange points spread all over the world!Believe it or not, Kanga Exchange has become the biggest physical exchanges network in the world.
One thing’s for sure, we aren’t hitting the brakes now. More exchange offices and even bigger countries are our targets now!

Visit us and see for yourself how easy it is!

Address of our new exchange office:
Maidan Nezalezhnosti 2 ; 02000 Kyiv ; Ukraine