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KNG/USDT market is live now!

KNG/USDT market is live now!

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$KNG token is off to a flying start :rocket:

Today is the prominent day, and we’re offering a chance to purchase 100 000 KNG at an excellent price – 5$. It’s only been 12 days since we announced our partnership with Tenset and launch on Tenset Gem Launch Platform.

We’ve already accomplished so much in suc a short period.  Over 260 stationary exchange points and tens of thousands new registrations on the Kanga Exchange, including the active and conscious international community.

Just imagine what we can accomplish in a year if we’ve been able to do all of this in less than two weeks.We’re just getting started!
Later this week, we will announce new OTC points in other countries and introduce upgrades that no other exchanges own. The uniqueness of Kanga Exchange will bring measurable success and crypto mass adoption.

Thank you to everybody for your constant faith & support!