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Kwadrans z Kanga - Guess the BTC price

Kwadrans z Kanga - Guess the BTC price

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In this article, you will find the rules of our weekly contest. Kwadrans z Kanga wouldn’t be the same without our regular contest of guessing the price of bitcoin. To ensure the safety of all participants, we have prepared contest rules which you can find below.

”Predict the Price that BTC Can Reach for the Currency Pair BTC/USDT on Our Exchange”

Contest Regulations

(hereinafter referred to as the Regulations)

I. Terms and Conditions

1. The following Regulations specify the terms and conditions of the Contest: “Predict the Price that BTC Can Reach for the Currency Pair BTC/USDT on Our Exchange, as well as the rights and obligations of Contestants and the Organiser of the Competition.

2. The terms used in these Regulations should be understood as follows:

a. Contest – the competition titled “Predict the Price that BTC Can Reach for the Currency Pair BTC/USDT on Our Exchange” under the terms and conditions specified by these Regulations;

b. Natural Person – an adult, natural person with full legal capacity;

c. Organiser, Founder, Kanga Exchange – Good Solution Investments Limited, Cromwell House,

Ground-Floor, 117 Albert Street, Belize City, Belize; Incorporation number: 176,380, who is organising the Contest;

d. Exchange – a platform for the exchange of i.a. virtual currencies and tokens operated by the Organiser and available at kanga.exchange;

 e. Contestant – any natural person eligible to participate in the Contest in accordance with the principles defined in the Regulations and participating in it upon the rules set forth herein;

f. Contest Task – “Predict the Price that BTC Can Reach for the Currency Pair BTC/USDT on Our Exchange at 9:00 am (CET) on the Day the Next “Kwadrans z Kangą” takes place;

g. Jury – a panel of people cooperating within the Kanga Exchange project, assessing the submitted Contest Posts;

h. Prize – KNG token, the number of units of which will reflect 10% of the “thumbs-up” under the latest “Kwadrans z Kangą” episode featured on youtube.com.

3. The Contest is not created, administered or sponsored by youtube.com by means of which it is being carried out and the Organiser relieves youtube.com of the responsibility for it.

4. This Contest is neither a service order or a provision of services by the Contestant, nor it constitutes commitment to any payable performance obligation, subject to the principles outlined in these Regulations. The Contestant is not taking any risk on, acting on behalf of or for the benefit of the Organiser.

II. Contest Participation

1. Contest Participation requires acceptance of the Regulations. The content of the Regulations is available at URL: https://kanga.exchange/kwadrans-z-kanga-guess-the-btc-price By entering the Contest, the Contestant accepts the provisions of the Regulations.

2. Only Natural Persons with Youtube account and entitled to comment on the published videos, as well as holding active unlocked account on the Exchange are eligible for participation in the Contest.

3. By accepting the provisions of the Regulations, the Contestant expresses consent to the processing of the comment published in the Contest for marketing purposes.

4. The Contest is about publishing a comment that completes the Contest Task under the “Kwadrans z Kangą” video. The Task shall be assessed by the Jury during the “Kwadrans” episode. To win, the prediction of the value of BTC shall be as close as possible to its true value, within 25 USDT without going over. If no Contestant predicts the price within this limit, the prize is carried over to the following week’s prize pool. The host of a given episode of ‘Kwadrans z Kanga’ may introduce changes to the rules of the contest, which may be binding for a given specific episode of ‘Kwadrans z Kanga’.

5. The exception is a situation in which a participant leaves a second, additional comment. It can contain any content. This will allow him to make a mistake of 100 USDT instead of 25 USDT.

6. The winning user may also receive an additional 20 KNG if he or she shares a link to the “Fifteen Hours with Kanga” video on one of the selected social media: X, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn.

7. Posting further comments and multiple shares does not multiply the winnings.

8. The comment must be posted and the video must be made available on the day of publication of the “Fifteen with Kanga” episode or no later than the next day.

9. The participation in the Contest is free and voluntary. The Contest is cyclical and held weekly. Only the posts answering the Contest Task from the day of the “Kwadrans z Kangą” episode emission and the following day take part in the Contest and predicting the price applies to the value of BTC/USDT on the Exchange at 9:00 am (CET) on the day when the next “Kwadrans z Kangą” takes place.

10. The Organiser’s associates,  the persons involved in the Contest organisation and conduct and their family members are not allowed to enter the Contest.

11. Participants who provide false or incorrect personal data are violating the rules of these Regulations and will not be granted the Prize. The Contestant declares that heis the author of the entry submitted to the Contest and that it does not, in any way, infringe the rights of third parties. In case a Contest Task entry is published by more than one Contestant, priority will be given to the Participant who submitted an entry with an earlier publishing date. Contestants whose entries constitute a compilation of another person’s work will not be taken into consideration in the Contest assessment.

12. If it is found that the Contestant is not fulfilling the eligibility criteria specified in these Regulations, he will be excluded from the Contest and will lose the entitlement to the Contest Prize.

13. The Contestant consents to the Organiser publishing his nick on the Organiser’s social media profiles and communication platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Telegram).

14. The comments published in the Contest cannot contain anything that is generally considered to be vulgar, insulting or violating personal interests of other people. Contestants are required to comply with these Regulations. The failure to comply with the Regulations may result in excluding the Contestant from the Contest.

15. Holding an active unlocked account on the Exchange is a condition for receiving the Prize.

16. The Prize will be delivered within 7 working days after it is manufactured and delivered to the Organiser by ButKompany. The Organiser cannot influence the manufacture time and does not guarantee the winner that the Prize will be delivered within a particular timeframe. The Organiser is not liable for any third-party acts, ButKompany included.

17. Disclosing personal data by the Contestant is tantamount to his consent to its processing by the Organiser for the purposes of conducting the Contest, in compliance with personal data protection regulations.

18. The Prize is non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash or any other prize.

19. The Organiser reserves the right to modify the Contest Regulations throughout the Contest duration.

III. Contest Period

1. The Contest is cyclical and held weekly, in accordance with section II.5.

2. The Contest results will be announced during “Kwadrans z Kangą” broadcast via the Organiser’s social media channels.

IV. Liability

1. The Organiser shall not be responsible for the content of the published Contest entries however, in case of the violation of the accepted standards or the regulations of the Portals through which the Contest Task was published, the Organiser is authorised to delete a such a comment.

2. The governing law applicable to this Contest is the law of Belize.

3. Every Contestant is responsible for violating the provisions of youtube.com regulations in

the extent of the user consent provided in the profile registration process.