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KNG - utility token

KNG - utility token

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Our KNG token is already recognizable and popular! It appeared on top portals such as CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko, among others. However, if you do not know yet what the KNG token is, what it is for and whether it is worth having – continue reading.

The KNG token is a stock token of Kanga Exchange, which was created to obtain financing and increase the turnover of the stock exchange.

The services offered by Kanga Exchange include all kinds of operations on the stock exchange, cryptocurrency exchange service in stationary exchange offices (with more than 250 stationary exchange points in Poland and around the world!) and the IEO tokenization platform. Commissions for transactions made on the website are charged in the currency used by the client and immediately exchanged to KNG thanks to an automatic converter.

This means that the entities that buy KNG are not only people, but also the stock exchange itself. Automatic conversion, limited supply and divisibility – all of these notions guarantee an increase in the value of the token as well as its liquidity.

KNG and PoS

Did you know that Kanga Exchange also introduced a special mechanism which can provide you with passive income with the use of KNG tokens?

PoS, i.e. Proof of Stake, gives users the opportunity to earn solely by staking KNG tokens in a special, personal PoS account on the Kanga Exchange platform. Users who stake their funds receive daily rewards in the form of KNG tokens. Obtained prizes come from a proportional distribution of income from transaction fees charged on the Kanga Exchange platform among all PoS KNG users. The size of the prize is dependent on two things: daily income from all Kanga commissions and the amount of funds on the user’s PoS account. The bigger the amount on KNG tokens in your PoS, the bigger the prize. In short – you buy KNG, transfer them to your PoS account and watch your tokens multiply 🙂

New form of IEO for KNG hodlers 

But that’s not all! As a tribute to the KNG hodlers who believe in us and our flagship token, we have introduced auction packages that guarantee auction winners participation in the IEO. Thanks to this, users who store their KNG tokens on PoS have a significantly bigger chance of participating in the IEO in which they are interested. And as we know, IEO projects on our platform are very popular!

You can learn more about the new form of IEO and how the auctions are conducted here: https://kanga.exchange/auction-packages-in-ieo

If you are not yet a KNG owner – it’s time to change it!