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How to buy and sell crypto with a VOUCHER or BLIK?

How to buy and sell crypto with a VOUCHER or BLIK?

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Did you know that on Kanga Exchange you can not only make transactions on the exchange or in exchange points, but also at the ATM? Both at the one on your street and at almost every other ATM in Poland! Condition? Only one – the ATM must support transactions with BLIK codes.

This is a brilliant solution for people who do not yet have our stationary or mobile currency exchange point or a member of the Kanga Local service in their city (We would like to emphasize the word yet, because the network of our exchange points is growing every day!).

How to make a transaction at the ATM?

Before going to the ATM contact the ATM service operator at the number +48 58 573 33 36 or on Telegram @KangaBankomaty and arrange the details of the transaction.

Buying cryptocurrency at the ATM:

Or to be more precise – in the cash deposit machine. You notify the operator how much and which cryptocurrency you want to buy. Then the operator provides you with a BLIK code for depositing funds in the cash deposit machine. The funds deposited by you are immediately credited to our account and the operator proceeds to finalize the transaction. For this purpose, he will ask you for a code from the Kanga Wallet app (you generate it in the “OTC” tab by clicking the “Generate Code” button). The code is used to recognize the wallet on which the cryptocurrencies you have bought are to be saved. To buy cryptocurrency you need to have an account on Kanga Exchange.

Selling cryptocurrency at the ATM:

You can sell a cryptocurrency at the ATM in two ways: using a BLIK code or VOUCHER – depending on whether you have an account on Kanga Exchange.

I have an account on Kanga Exchange:

If you have an account on our exchange, you can make a sell in the same way as described above – with the generated code on your Kanga Wallet.

So, you contact the service operator, set the transaction details, enter the Kanga Wallet application, select the “OTC” tab and click the “Generate Code” button. You give the operator the generated code and he gives you the BLIK code, thanks to which you can finalize the transaction by withdrawing funds at the ATM.

I don’t have an account on Kanga Exchange:

However, you may want to sell cryptocurrency without registering on Kanga Exchange. How to do it? With our vouchers.

Go to bon.kangakantor.pl, select the cryptocurrency you want to sell (you can choose from BTC, ETH, USDT and USDC) and generate an address. Send the cryptocurrency to this address. Remember to download (or memorize) the details of the VOUCHER: ID and PIN. Without this data, you will not be able to use the funds accumulated on the VOUCHER. Then, you give the operator the ID and PIN of your VOUCHER and he gives you the 6-digit code for funds withdrawal.

Transaction limit

The daily limit of a transaction is 4,000 PLN.

If in doubt – ask the operator! We assure you that he will not leave you without an answer 🙂

We do everything to make transactions with Kanga quick, easy and pleasant for you!