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Kleks Academy INO on Kanga Exchange

Kleks Academy INO on Kanga Exchange

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Maciej Kawulski and the Open Mind Production Team, whose 3 films have achieved over 500 million views worldwide, bring new life to the cult classic for children. Akademia Pana Kleksa tells a story about Ambroży Kleks, he runs an academy for boys, where the main character, Adam Niezgódka, is a student.

This time, the creators extended the experience for the viewer beyond the classic film. This is a real revolution for the family movie experience. The Multi-D NFT is a ticket to fully enjoy the adventure at Mr. Kleks Academy, including film production, as well as augmented reality and the metaverse – the world of Kleks – interacting with the film.

Multi-D NFT

Kleks Academy multi-D NFT brings creativity, innovation and fun to the viewer through the film.

Each multi-D NFT will be animated in a 3D cube-shaped NFT with walls containing graphics and information that will be revealed at events that will be regularly announced by the developers.

NFT will be a ticket for owners to the Kleks Academy ecosystem. We will find there a metaverse, theme park and educational games prepared in cooperation with the Ashoka organization, which builds and develops communities of leaders who see that the world needs every person to be a creator of changes for the better.

On our platform you will have the opportunity to participate in the INO multi-D NFT and get one of the 300 NFT at a lower price specially for Kanga users!

Kleks Academy Metaverse

The creators made sure that the fun related to the Academy of Mr. Kleks did not end only with the film.

After the worldwide premiere of the film Kleks Academy, the creators plan to launch a platform on which we will find the Kleks Academy Metaverse. It will be a virtual space for all members of the Academy of Mr. Kleks, namely multi-D NFT owners. In this unique world, we will be invited to take part in many games and challenges related to and inspired by the characters and events that we will see in the films from the Kleks Academy series.

Metaverse users will also have the option of creating new custom multi-D NFTs using their FRECKLE$ in the future.

Utility token – FRECKLE$

In the initial phase of the project, from minting to the launch of Kleks Academy Metaverse, FRECKLE$ will function as points assigned to each multi-D NFT. Each member of the Kleks Academy will be able to check the amount of FRECKLE$ collected in the FRECKLE$ METER by linking their Metamask wallet to the project website.

With the launch of the Kleks Academy Metaverse, FRECKLE$ will become a utility token on the project’s blockchain and will serve as the primary tool used to power the Kleks Academy Metaverse ecosystem. It is also worth adding that each NFT will receive a daily amount of FRECKLE$ of as much as 5 tokens.

The creators will work with experts (psychologists and educators – thanks to the alliance with Ashoka) to create contests and games that will develop and inspire creativity and empathy among users. In this way, the creators want to create a system encouraging members of the Kleks Academy to develop the basic values ​​for the Academy of Mr. Kleks.

Of course, every Kanganaut who mints his multi-D NFT with us will also get FRECKLE$. We have planned an additional 500 FRECKLE$ for each of the miners, but that’s not all. All NFT holders from the world of Mr. Kleks will take part in the drawing of special bonuses.

Benefits for NFT holders

The creators have prepared for all members of Kleks Academy additional bonuses from having multi-D NFT, among them we will find:

  • Daily amount of 5 FRECKLE$ issued over a period of 5 years.
  • Recurring events and new utilities for multi-D NFT.
  • Access to augmented reality interactive to the Kleks Academy film.
  • Each multi-D NFT will be the key to the Kleks Academy Metaverse.
  • Access to a weekly special mini document from the movie set.
  • A movie with greetings from one of the characters of Kleks Academy.
  • Extra FRECKLE$.
  • Access to live and behind-the-scenes recordings.

Among the minted NFTs, creators will draw special benefits:

  • Tickets for the premiere of the film Kleks Academy.
  • Spoken scene in the film Kleks Academy.
  • Role in one of the two films.
  • The NFT will be featured in the credits of the movie to increase its popularity.
  • The opportunity to visit the film set and meet the actors and the team behind the creation of the film.
  • Possibility to have costumes and props used in the film.
  • A session with the set director, who will explain how some scenes were created.
  • Access to unique materials from behind the scenes.
  • Dinner with Maciej Kawulski.
  • One-hour stay in the editing room, where you will be able to see the work of the film Director.

Kleks Academy Theme Park

After the world premiere of the film, a new theme park, Kleks Academy, will be created in Poland. The theme park will not only continue the Kleks tradition of inspiring creativity and education, but will also provide a lot of entertainment for visitors of all ages, including roller-coasters and other exciting attractions.

The park will be an important element of Kleks Academy. A special zone with exclusive attractions will be prepared for members of the Kleks Academy. The theme park will have special marketing campaigns that will also help build interest in the Kleks Academy.

Auctions for Kanga users and KNG stakers

Especially for Kanga users and KNG stakers, we have prepared an auction, thanks to which you will be able to buy your NFT cheaper! You must have a MetaMask address connected to be able to participate in the auction. The auctions will start on September 27 at 9:00 UTC. Each of the auctions has specific conditions, which we have described for you below.

First auction for all Kanga users, 50 bundles for a total of 50 multi-D NFT

The second auction for KNG stakers, 140 bundles with a total of 140 multi-D NFT

▪️ the current autotransfer bonus: at least 0.1%

▪️ total prizes from the last 30 days: at least 0.1 KNG

Third auction for KNG stakers, 40 bundles for a total of 80 multi-D NFT (1 bundle contains 2 NFT)

▪️ current autotransfer bonus: at least 0.5%

▪️ total prizes from the last 30 days: at least 0.2 KNG

Fourth auction for KNG stakers, 10 bundles for a total of 30 multi-D NFT (1 bundle contains 3 NFT)

▪️ current autotransfer bonus: at least 2%

▪️ total prizes from the last 30 days: at least 0.5 KNG


NFT quantity: 300 multi-D NFT

Price per token: 0.14 ETH

INO date: 27/09/2022 at 9:00 UTC

INO duration: 24 hours

Project: https://kleks.academy/