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ETHW on Kanga Exchange

ETHW on Kanga Exchange

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Kanga is one of the first exchanges to introduce trading on ETHW!

Airdrop of ETHW

You can claim your ETHW tokens now! Reminder: If you had ETH tokens on your wallet during #TheMerge, in the “My wallet” tab you will find the “Rewards” category where you are now able to claim ETHw tokens in the 1:1 ratio with the amount of ETH you had in your wallet at the time of #TheMerge! You can claim the tokens both on the website and in the Kanga Wallet mobile app. To claim the tokens in the mobile app, make sure to download its latest version. You have a week to claim! The airdrop will end at 26.09.2022 8:00 UTC.


On Monday, September 19th, we opened the ETHW/USDT pair! Trading is now live! ➡️ trade.kanga.exchange/market/ETHW-USDT


But this is not the end of the ETHW related news We have more. We are introduing staking ETHW on Kanga Exchange!


Sell orders 19.09 | 11:00 UTC
Trading on the ETHW/USDT pair live 19.09 | 12:00 UTC
Staking 20.09 | 8:00 UTC
Withdrawals 20.09 | 11:00 UTC
Claim the airdrop until 26.09 | 8:00 UTC

Author: Piotr Szopa