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Kanga welcomes SHIB!

Kanga welcomes SHIB!

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It is our pleasure to announce that our new listing is a $SHIB token. It has started as a meme coin (ERC20 token) and has become one of the major DeFi players blazing fast.

With the opening of the ShibaSwap we want to join the #ShibArmy.

#SHIB has started as a challenger to famous $DOGE, but its story is much more. 

50% of the total supply was sent to the Vitalik Buterins address, as a burning address. But Vitalik has surprised everyone and donated over $1bn in $SHIB to India COVID-19 Relief Fund – making it the biggest single donation ever. The rest of tokens were burned. And thus the legend was born.

Recently anonymous creators of $SHIB launched a DeFi ecosystem of ShibaSwap with the $BONE and $LEASH tokens.

The Total Value Locked skyrocketed to over $1,5bn in just a day, placing ShibaSwap amount the biggest swap protocols out there – it’s in the top 10. This proves that there is a great power and trust behind memes! 

$BONE is the governance token of the Doggy DAO that governs the ShibaSwap and the ecosystem (max supply. 250,000,000). $BONE is not yet listed on Binance or any other major exchange.

$LEASH has been a token pegged to $DOGE price but now it’s unleashed and will offer lucrative rewards for the holders providing its liquidity (only 107,646 LEASH in circulation). $LEASH is not yet listed on Binance or any other major exchange.

Code of the ShibaSwap has recently passed the audit of Certik.

To find out more check SHIB cool website: https://shibatoken.com/

– We are listing $SHIB/USDT pair

– Deposits are open from July 13th

– BID orders are open from today (July 13th)

– Trading starts on Friday (July 16th) – right after midnight.

Pro-Tip: be aware of the arbitrage opportunities between Kanga and ShibaSwap.