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Kanga saves Binance

Kanga saves Binance

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I have always known the moment when Kanga buys Binance will finally come. It is more than certain, and I will gladly enter into a discussion about it with anyone. The situation, of course, is not that simple and requires the discussion to be ample – the major Binance apologists must eventually agree with this.

I must admit that I have already contacted people from Binance on this matter. They, however, were not eager to pick up the gauntlet. Nay! They did not reply to any of my emails, each written in sweat and blood (well, maybe apart from one reply where someone asked to ‘unsubscribe’). That is a pity. We could have closed the deal sooner and have it over with, and now we have to wait.

I recalled the Binance case quite recently in connection with some problems our friends from overseas had. It turns out apparently that local regulators all over the world are starting to wave their sabers and some even decided to fire their cannons. The result – it is getting more and more difficult to send fiat currency to and from Binance, for some it has already become impossible.

So what to do then? Is Binance over now? Of course not. As usual Kanga comes to rescue and provides unlimited range of possibilities. Let me present a few of them.

If you wish to pay your funds to Binance somehow simply do it through Kanga. You can transfer PLN or EUR to your Kanga wallet (soon you will also be able to use your credit card for that purpose), change them on Kanga to, let’s say, USDT and click! You send them to Binance. And it works both ways.

If, however, your bank has forbidden you to buy cryptocurrencies (and we know such things are happening in Poland as well, may they be swarmed with locust!), simply use one of our 160 stationary exchange offices in Poland (we also have some in the Ukraine and the Czech Republic). You simply deposit PLN, which immediately appear in your Kanga wallet. And you know what to do next.

And once you are bored with Binance, take a look at what is happening at Kanga. There are PoS, interesting markets and a lot of things in general which you will not find on any other exchange in the world. James Bond used to say ‘Kanga is enough’ and I believe him.

Sławek Zawadzki on behalf of Kanga Exchange