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Kanga Wallet - new version is here!

Kanga Wallet - new version is here!

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To meet your needs, we decided to update our Kanga Wallet mobile app! If you didn’t have a chance to familiarize yourself with the new updated version, below you will find a brief description of all of the introduced changes ⬇️

So what exactly is new?

The Kanga Wallet app has been equipped with the market!

Are you ready for more than a quick swap?

From now on you are able to observe all of the markets as well as place sell and buy orders. You have also gained access to the exchange rate charts.

Another major change that has come is the possibility of using the mutiblockchain! We know you’ve been waiting for this option. The number of networks to choose from will gradually increase. Both deposits and withdrawals will be possible.

We are sure that enriching the app with the described features makes it easier for you to use all of the functions your Kanga Exchange account has to offer.

In addition, Kanga Wallet has gained a new, user-friendly graphic design.

Thank you for your positive reaction to the new version of our app!

You must know that we truly appreciate your feedback! It helps us provide you with the highest possible comfort of using our products, services and tools, such as the Kanga Wallet app. You have a good influence on the further development of Kanga Exchange! 🙂

That’s not all! We are still working on improving and enriching the Kanga Wallet app with new features, so soon you may expect more new features and good changes. We encourage you to follow the news on our social media.