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Interface Overview

Interface Overview

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Do you know how to navigate the trading interface? Find a solution what you will find on the stock page in displaying transactions.

Elements of the Kanga Exchange transactional interface

1. Info/menu bar
Show the currently selected currency pair, wallet balances for the base and quote currency, and links to other areas of the site.

2. Price and volume chart

3. Sell order book
Shows the ten lowest Sell (ask) orders, by price.

4. Last transaction price
Shows the last transaction price and price change (percentile).

5. Buy order book
Shows the ten highest Buy (bid) orders, by price.

6. Buy box
Allows you to place a new Buy (bid) order.

7. Sell box
Allows you to place a new Sell (ask) order.

8. Market selector
Shows all available markets and lets you switch between them.

9. Transaction history
Shows the last 30 transactions completed on the current market.

10. Open orders
Shows your open orders, by currency and date placed.

11. 24-hour order history
Shows your orders completed within the past 24 hours.