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IEO Smart Electrum on Kanga Exchange

IEO Smart Electrum on Kanga Exchange

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Smart Electrum is an innovative auction hosting and trading platform. They utilize blockchain technology to improve the efficiency of auction hosting, price comparison and online classified adverts and provide a more user friendly platform. The project is originally based on the Ethereum network, but will transform to provide cross-chain solutions to adapt to customers needs and ensure the best transaction prices.

Smart Electrum is creating an online marketplace that solves a common problem with payments in cryptocurrency. The platform allows users to easily exchange their crypto to buy and sell goods or services while offering price comparisons and optional classified adverts. 

Fundraising is another key feature of their ecosystem. The team identified the need for a more efficient and transparent means of raising funds for charity. Users will be able to collect funds for worthy causes, while the Smart Electrum project will allocate 5% of their income to selected projects each month. 

Smart Electrum Token (SELECT) is the native token for the ecosystem. It will act as the fuel for the network by facilitating access to use the platform, providing loyalty rewards to holders, connecting with charities, lowering fees on the platform, allowing stakers to secure the network and act as governance for decision-making affecting the platform.

SELECT IEO details:

IEO date – 9/11 10 AM UTC
Hardcap – $300,000
Price per token – $0.06
Max Investment – $3,000
Vesting – 10% unlocked / 90% of the remaining tokens are unlocked in equal daily installments (a total of 3% per week).
Available crypto: ETH/BTC/USDT/oPLN
Listing on November 11 10AM UTC
Listing pair SELECT/USDT
Withdrawals available from November 12
Mainnet: ERC20

More about the project:
Website: https://smartelectrum.io/
Whitepaper Link: https://smartelectrum.io/documents
Telegram: https://t.me/smartelectrum
Twitter: https://twitter.com/smartelectrum
Medium: https://smartelectrum.medium.com/