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How to order Kanga card?

How to order Kanga card?

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Have you already read our post about the great possibilities of having a Kanga card? If not, do not worry, you can still check it out!

But how to become the owner and consequently, the user of Kanga card? We will answer this question here and now!

You can have it after joining Kanga Club. If you have never had the opportunity to become a member of our club, this is the perfect time to make this strategic move. If you have already done this step, your line to getting a Kanga card is shorter 🙂

However, before you join the club, make sure that you have passed the KYC verification on your Kanga Exchange account → Log in via the kanga.cash website or the Kanga Wallet app and check if the tab “Verification” displays in the bookmark bar. If so – choose it and the system will guide you through the entire procedure. In case this option does not appear on the bookmark bar, it is a sign that you have already done your KYC verification and you are ready to join the club! ⤵

You can do this by entering the Kanga Club and clicking “Become a Kanga Club member!”. Then a login window will appear on your screen – log in using your Kanga Exchange account data.

Membership in the Kanga Club for the first 12 months and ordering Kanga card is completely free! In the following months, the price for maintaining your Kanga Club membership will be only $0,99 per month. As a part of the monthly fee, we cover the costs of the Gold by Kanga.

When registering, you will also be asked to enter your phone number, on which you will receive a link to the ZEN app on the phone. The rest of the process will take place through this app. Get ready to upload a scan of your ID – the app has its own scanner – and your face – selfie time! 😉 These activities are needed to verify and thus secure your data.

After registering in the app, you can order your Kanga card in its physical form.

That is all! In case of any doubts, you will also find a list of frequently asked questions and answers on the Kanga Club website. Good luck!