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Flash Sale on Kanga Exchange: Akoya Legends

Flash Sale on Kanga Exchange: Akoya Legends

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Akoya Legends – blockchain-based gaming platform

Akoya Legends is a blockchain-based gaming platform developing a first of its kind NFT game, aiming to combine real-life and virtual space. They are creating unique fighting mechanics and purposeful tactics to differentiate themselves from other gaming projects.

Akoya is implementing a strong play-to-earn model to reward users for playing the game. Users will be able to create their own character starting at the lowest level, and work their way up by completing activities to earn higher rewards. There are multiple different characters that can be utilised within the game, with each different character presenting a unique special ability to cater for different play styles and objectives.

The platform will offer Player-vs-Player combat to compete against other users for rewards, as well as Player-vs-Environment which allows gamers to battle against AI-controlled opponents with varying levels of difficulty. There will be many milestones and bounty features for players to gather additional trophies and rewards, including a unique walking feature in the real-world using mapping technology. A dedicated NFT marketplace allows players to trade their characters or items with Akoya tokens or other BEP20 tokens such as BNB and BUSD.

Cypher is the native token used for the Akoya platform. A 3% tax is placed on buying and 5% tax on selling transactions of the CPR token to incentive long-term holding, grow liquidity pools and provide funds for marketing purposes and grow the project.

Akoya is undergoing an IEO on Kanga Exchange on 8 March, and listing for trading 2 days later 10 March.

As a Gold sponsor of the Infinity platform, Akoya Legends is providing 5 million tokens. The Airdrop of CPR will be distributed over a period of 180 days to all investors who locked their 10set in Infinity.


Flash Sale Date: 08.03.2022, 10:00 UTC

Asks: 10.03.2022, 10:00 UTC

Bids: 11.03.2022, 10:00 UTC

Withdrawals date: 12.03.2022, 10:00 UTC

Flash Sale Token: Cypher

Hardcap: 200 000$

Price per token: 0.00625$

Min Investment: 100$

Max Investment: 1000$

Vesting: 20% at the beginning, remaining 80% every month in equal tranches for 4 months/120 days

Listing pair: CPR-USDT

Purchase cryptocurrency: eth, btc, opln, usdt, oeur, ousd, usdc 

Token: BEP20

Mainnet: Binance Smart Chain