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Extensive passive income mechanisms

Extensive passive income mechanisms

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Why Kanga? We offer an innovative method of earning on deposited cryptocurrencies and stablecoins (PoS). We also have an attractive affiliate program.

How does Proof of Stake mechanism work?

Proof-of-Stake (PoS for short) allows you to participate in profits from transaction fees charged on the Kanga Exchange platform. Each holder of KNG tokens can deposit them on an individual PoS account and receive a reward proportional to the amount of the deposit.

Proof-of-Stake prizes are settled and distributed every day at 00:00 UTC time. The prizes are transferred directly to the user’s wallet.

You can deposit your funds on PoS accounts:

and on PoS projects tokenized with us.

You can read how to earn passively thanks to PoS on our blog.

An affiliate program

Kanga Exchange is constantly evolving! That is why we launched a new, innovative affiliate program. It consist of three levels so that each user could adapt its functionality to their own needs. What does it really involve and what benefits will it give to the user? 

The first rule is that as part of one user account the user can have many different campaigns, i.e. affiliate programs. Each campaign means separate affiliate links (links within one campaign will lead to different websites: to the registration page, the homepage or the IEO list) and separate shared commission allocation tables. 

The next rule of this program is that the affiliation links for a campaign will only be generated once the campaign is launched. Up to that moment you will be able to make changes in the commission allotment table as well as give the campaign a unique name selected by you. Remember that once you launch the campaign you will not be able to make changes in the commission allotment table. 

For each campaign you will have access to statistical data (clicks, events of registration, income, number of transactions and other), so that you can be up-to-date with your affiliates’ actions on Kanga Exchange. The statistical data will only include your first level of affiliation, but the profit chart will include all three levels of your affiliates.
More about our affiliate program.