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Symbol Name Last price 24h change Volume Deal
Symbol BTC-oPLN Name Bitcoin Price 216721.83 24h change 2.17 Volume 531389.35616503 Deal
Symbol ETH-oPLN Name Ethereum Price 13247.91 24h change 0.94 Volume 1802897.55154739 Deal
Name Chainlink Price 190.5215 24h change 6.18 Volume 106898.32777134 Deal
Symbol KNG-oPLN Name Kanga Token Price 4.45 24h change 1.14 Volume 12653.17976815 Deal
Symbol MATIC-ETH Name Matic Price 0.00024501 24h change 0 Volume 0 Deal
Symbol USDT-oPLN Name Tether USD Price 3.7471405 24h change -1.33 Volume 339123.35513571 Deal
Symbol USDC-oPLN Name USD Coin Price 3.7447671 24h change -1.22 Volume 259449.64261924 Deal
Symbol BTC-oEUR Name Bitcoin Price 47674.119 24h change 2.99 Volume 316473.4388186 Deal
Symbol ETH-oEUR Name Ethereum Price 2919.9897 24h change 1.56 Volume 405626.39255722 Deal
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Every stock, bond, currency and commodity will be tokenised and traded peer-to-peer. Check our IEO portfolio for awesome investment opportunities.




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Kanga Exchange Share

700 KNG


Earn crypto with Kanga

See how you can earn profit interacting with Kanga.Exchange, buy, sell, trade, stake - preview all options by clicking the list below.
  • Buy KNG token
  • Trade on Kanga
  • Stake in our POS
  • Buy KESH only for KNG

KNG is a multi-function token across the Kanga platform:

  • online cryptocurrency exchange
  • over-the-counter exchange
  • payment gateway

All trading fees are converted to KNG by purchasing tokens from holders at market price. Thanks to supply-limiting mechanisms, steady growth of demand as a result of the continuing expansion of the Kanga service range, KNG token is expected to gain in value.

Token holders can also stake KNG in our POS for passive income.


Every time trade is made a fee is splitted between trader and the POS hodlers 50/50

Additionally, the Affiliate Program shares a fee between You and friends you invited. Check your profile for your individual REF link.


The Proof-of-Stake (PoS) mechanism gives KNG token holders share in the profits from transaction fees charged on the Kanga Exchange platform proportionally to the staked amount.
Proof-of-Stake (PoS) rewards are calculated and distributed daily at 12:00 AM (midnight) UTC.

Tokens can be deposited or withdrawn from the PoS anytime.

Stake in POS

KESH token represents shares in the whole Kanga project. Compared to KNG, giving you an instant reward from operations on the Kanga platform, KESH tokens are expected to gain in value long term. That’s a unique opportunity for long holders to be rewarded when an exit event appears in the future.

In order to buy KESH share tokens you need to own some KNG tokens first, you can buy them here.


Omega is our stablecoin

How it works, why we use it and how you can benefit from it too.

Buy cryptocurrency in your town

The exchange of cryptocurrencies in a stationary exchange
has never been so easy!

Find Stationary Exchange

Check our list of over 100 kantors for best price on the market. We trade not only PLN, USD and EUR but also USDT and USDC.
ATM withdrawal

Use ATM to sell BTC

At Kanga Exchange, we declare: Cryptocurrency purchase and sale operations in CDMs and ATMs are the cheapest in Poland. We guarantee the most favorable rate.

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