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Additional “selfie” verification

Additional “selfie” verification

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Additional verification during KYC on the Kanga Exchange is an additional verification by means of a so-called selfie photo, i.e. showing the face of the person performing the verification holding the document presented during the basic KYC – ID or passport – and a piece of paper with a four-digit code written on it.

Kanga Exchange selfie verification code

If the user is asked to carry out a selfie verification, he or she will receive such a code in the email, which will be sent by our system to the email address of the account to which the verification applies.

What are the selfie rules?

  • when taking the photo, the document and code sheet should be held in your left hand (or both if you cannot take the selfie yourself) so that all the data on the document is visible,
  • the photo must be taken at a good resolution and in colour,
  • the document and the piece of paper containing the verification code must not obscure the face of the user verifying himself/herself,
  • we do not accept head coverings, e.g. hats, sunglasses or earphones, and any objects which may make it difficult to identify and compare the user’s face shown on the identification document and on the photograph.